1. L

    Youtube vocal cover

    Hello to everyone! Nothing very original from me but I just re-opened my youtube channel few days ago with a within temptation vocal cover and I wanted to share it with you... still so much to learn and I am nothing compare to Sharon of course, but here it is, I hope you like it
  2. 9

    band with female lead who looks like a guy?

    hey, so i have this project for school about gender stereotypes and stuff and i'm looking for bands with a female lead who defies stereotypes with her looks (thus, by looking masculine. she can sound masculine too though, that's cool too! im mainly looking for those who look masculine as a...
  3. Bohemian Dark

    Power Metal with Female Vocals - Yavith

    Hi all! Yavith is a Power Metal band with shredding guitars, female vocals, and philosophical lyrics. We released our EP digitally last week, and we'll be launching the physical copies through the label MS Metal Records next month! Here are the songs:
  4. MissChina

    Hookerfukka (NL) - Progressive Metal / Psychedlic

    Hi music-loving guys out there ^O^! I am MissChina (bassist of Hookerフッカー) and I would like to draw your attention to our band since we are on fire to rock the stages around the world with you ^o^! We have just released our first EP ("音の暴力 's o u n d v i o l e n c e") and 2 MV's up to now ^-^...
  5. I

    Anette Olzon (The Dark Element, ex-Nightwish) interview with noisebeneaththesnow.com

    Hello friends... This is William from the Noise Beneath the Snow blog. I thought you might enjoy the blog and most recently, the interview with Anette Olzon we just did. Thanks! https://noisebeneaththesnow.com/2017/09/27/interview-anette-olzon-ex-nightwish/
  6. G

    Tsarina - Russian Female Black Metal

    Siberian Girl Folk/Black Metal https://tsarinarus.bandcamp.com/releases
  7. P

    Who is your favourite female vocal of all time?

    Mine is like this: 3 - Floor Jansen 2 - Anneke van Giersbergen 1 - Doro You can use this video to find out:
  8. P

    New female fronted death metal project from Poland - lyrics video

    Hi What do You think of our song? Its combination of death and groove metal. http://www.facebook.com/protoblast Peace!!