1. V

    Sjotrollet - Relentless Cruelty Of Fate (2023) release

    Oneman band (Progressive/Post Black Metal) Sjotrollet full lenght release.
  2. Gnorkh

    Murryglossus - Earthcore (Prog Metal from Berlin)

    Hi folks, the debut "Earthcore" of Berlin-based MURRAYGLOSSUS has just been released. As a musician, audio engineer and longtime metal listener who has absorbed a variety of subgenres over the past decades, I've wondered why there is so little instrumental heavy music that doesn't try to...
  3. V

    Volixe - Chupacabras [Thrash/Death/Black Metal]

    Hello! We just released a new song, check it out here:
  4. _Revenant_

    Beseech the Scars - Access All Areas - NEW RELEASE!

    Please like, share, comment and subscribe! This is the second track to be released, and like so many of the tracks we'll be releasing over time, they all have a specific concept in mind. However, before giving the game away feel free to let us know in the comments what you think the song might...
  5. C

    Symphonic Prog. Metal

    Hello All, I want to share with you my albüm "Symphony of Humanity" and the music video of the piece "Obedient Worker" from the album. It is a concept album that illustrates a third-person point of view of the frames of minds and certain phenomena that have been the catalyst of the...
  6. moneysandwich

    Tooth Tunes - Deathcore Edition

    Hey guys! I'm new to the forum and wanted to share my new comedy sketch featuring deathcore music. You don't have to be a metalhead to enjoy it, but those who are will get an even bigger kick out of it. Check it out, thanks! Also can anyone tell which songs were used?
  7. V

    Volixe - Intro (Demo single)

    Volixe is a thrash metal band from Chile with influences of death, black, progressive metal and classical/orquestal music.
  8. Nailed Reaper

    Seversun - total metal from Russia

    New music video from a Russian band Seversun. The new album Headlong Through Blood coming soon.
  9. FungusMETAL


    Progressive Metal from FL/CO FFO: BTBAM, Animals as Leaders, Berried Alive, Rings of Saturn, Born of Osiris NEW SINGLE AUGUST 14th w/ another special guest! stay tuned! HIDDEN MACHINE - DIVE ft. ICHIKA HIDDEN MACHINE - CUT ft. LUCAS MANN (ROS) Link to FULL-LENGTH on SPOTIFY...
  10. Stefan Wenger

    Stefan Wenger - Singularity (Progressive Metal)

    Hi everyone Hope you're all right? Finally something new from me Do you like the new song? I would be very happy about feedback. Greetings and a nice day Stefan
  11. Ixcelsius

    Instrumental Progressive Metal - Free for all!! :)

    Hey Everyone! Here is a little prog metal / Experimental album I made as a personal experiment for myself. I figured I might as well put it out there because why not! Who knows, maybe someone else likes it! All Music, Recordings and Production and Artwork by Stefan Haasbroek
  12. metaltrenches

    Between The Buried And Me: Bands That Changed My Life (Video)

  13. metaltrenches

    Four Bands For Fans Of MESHUGGAH (Video)

  14. CiG

    Into the Everflow: The Progressive Metal Thread

    After looking around it didn't seem like there was an active progressive metal thread and the most recent one was from 2009. You guys know the deal with these genre threads. TBH I mostly wanted to just post this somewhere relevant to the genre:
  15. Samee Ahmed

    My Debut EP: I, Retribution

    Hey everyone! It has been two months since I've released it, but I have an EP out called I, Retribution! I would have posted about it sooner but life got in the way haha. The EP features five instrumental tracks: I Retribution Will Eradicate The Worthless (feat. Peter Vaughn from True The...
  16. I

    Eden Circus - new multitracks (real drums/bass/git/vox)

    cheers everyone, since a couple of you guys enjoyed eden circus' last raws - here's another one! we uploaded the multitracks (incl. real drums for f*** sake!) for this sweet tune: again edited & digitally unprocessed, tempo is 150bpm straight if i remember correctly... (you'll find out)...
  17. Ubiquity

    Ubiquity - Death metal progressive

    Hello there, we are Ubiquity, a death Metal Progressive band coming from Belgium. We would like to introduce you to Towards Oblivion, our first EP with a dark universe, switching between heavy riffs and clean sequences. If you like Katatonia, Opeth or Steven Wilson vibes, you will definitely...
  18. DjaseBal

    free mix master for 3 bands (1 single)

    (Remove if this isn't allowed) In about a month, I'm setting up a studio at a new location. So in the meantime, I'll be adding to my portfolio a bit. I'm offering to mix, master, and edit your band's single at no cost! I'm choosing 1 band in 3 different genres to mix (Deathcore/Death Metal...
  19. C

    Heavy music from Australia.

    Check out Heavy music from Sydney, Australia. Brand new EP just released.
  20. MissChina

    Hookerfukka (NL) - Progressive Metal / Psychedlic

    Hi music-loving guys out there ^O^! I am MissChina (bassist of Hookerフッカー) and I would like to draw your attention to our band since we are on fire to rock the stages around the world with you ^o^! We have just released our first EP ("音の暴力 's o u n d v i o l e n c e") and 2 MV's up to now ^-^...