jon oliva

  1. NorseBlood

    Is Savatage plotting their return?

    SAVATAGE Are Plotting Their Return - "JON OLIVA Is Always Working On New Music, Constantly Sending Me New Songs And New Ideas," Says Guitarist AL PITRELLI...
  2. NorseBlood

    How is Jon Oliva doing?

    Its March 2019. Any word on how Jon Oliva is doing these days? His web site is down & I haven't heard a darn thing about him in a long time. I hope he is ok.
  3. NorseBlood

    Jon Oliva's foum is down

    Jon Oliva has a web site & a forum. Its not used much any more, but there are a hard core group of his fans that do. For some reason the forum part of his web site is down. It was rumored a new web site was being worked on, but that was a few years go. Anyway, here is the link below. I...
  4. D

    Written Interview: Bill Hudson (Cellador, Circle II Circle, Savatage, TSO)

    I recently caught up with the Brazilian metal guitarist Bill Hudson for an in-depth sit-down interview. We discuss Hudson's musical journey, from taking lessons from Angra/Megadeth guitarist Kiko Loureiro to becoming an in-demand musician-for-hire, to his recent involvement with Circle II...
  5. KingsGene

    JON OLIVA update

    JON OLIVA REVEALS HE SUFFERED A MINOR STROKE IN APRIL; RECORDING DOUBLE ALBUM Savatage vocalist Jon Oliva has published a message on his Facebook page revealing that he suffered a stroke in March and that he is “focusing on the release of a double album.” Here’s Oliva’s message: “Dear...