1. Jotun25

    Judas Priest - Firepower (vocal and instrumental cover)

    Hi, friends! Here you have the latest cover I´ve made with Siegfried Song, Judas Priest´s Firepower, featuring Wee on lead guitar. I edited, mixed and mastered everything, besides playing rhythm guitar, bass and programming drums. I hope you like it and any feedback is welcomed. Please...
  2. Jotun25

    Pentakill - Mortal Reminder (full band cover feat Dirk Verbeuren)

    Hi, friends! I wanted to share the cover we made of Pentakill´s Mortal Reminder, featuring Dirk Verbeuren on drums, and also the amazing Siegfried Song on vocals. The rest of the musicians did a great job too, thanks to them! I hope you enjoy it and contact me for audio/video work. All...
  3. Jotun25

    Pantera - Cemetery Gates (full band cover)

    Hi, friends! Here you have my latest cover at Jotun Studio: Pantera's Cemetery Gates, featuring such great artists as Siegfried Song at vocals, El Pequeño Carlos (Little Charles) at guitars, Emilio Kanina at drums and myself at bass and audio and video production. We didn´t tried to recreate...
  4. Jotun25

    Megadeth - Angry Again (full band cover) Mixing Feedback

    Hi, friends! After a period of inactivity I´m back with another cover: Megadeth´s Angry Again, featuring Micky Vega on guitars (endorsed ESP player, in bands like InMune or Tao), Emilio Kanina on drums (former drummer of Stingers) and myself on vocals, bass and audio/video production. All...
  5. Jotun25

    Sia - Chandelier (metal cover/remix)

    Hi, friends! I just wanted to share a new metal cover/remix I made of Sia´s Chandelier. All guitars and bass were recorded using Axe FX II and drums were programmed using Superior Drummer. I hope you like it!
  6. Jotun25

    Mixing feedback: Metallica - Moth Into Flame (4k Panasonic G7 test)

    Hi, friends. I just wanted to share a short cover I did of Metallica's Moth Into Flame, to test my new cam, a Panasonic G7, in crisp 4K. I used Axe FX II for guitars and bass, Toontrack libraries for drums and Audio Technica AT4040 for vocals. Any feedback is welcomed.Hope you like the audio...
  7. Jotun25

    Beyoncé - Sweet Dreams Metal Cover

    Hi, friends! Just wanted to share the metal cover I made for Beyoncé´s Sweet Dreams, using Axe FX II and Superior Drummer. I hope you enjoy it and any comment or feedback is welcomed!
  8. Jotun25

    Katy Perry - Part Of Me Metal Cover

    Hi, friends! I´ve just uploaded a new metal cover, Katy Perry´s Part Of Me (her music is very easy to adapt to metal, hehe). I´ve used Axe FX II for guitars and bass and Superior Drummer with Metal Foundry and Metal Machine for it. Hope you like it and any feedback about the mix is welcomed...
  9. Jotun25

    Agile Septor Elite 727 & Seymour Duncan Blackouts Demo

    Hi, mates! Here you have a demo I just made for an Agile Septor Elite 727, equipped with Seymour Duncan Blackouts. I played some different stuff with it, so I hope you like it. Any production feedback will be very welcomed and if you have any question, please, let me know.
  10. Jotun25

    Iron Maiden - The Evil That Men Do (vocal and instrumental cover)

    Hi, fellas! I just made another collaboration with Siegfried, this time covering Iron Maiden´s amazing The Evil That Men Do. We also got help from Johnny Sobrino on bass guitar and Patrick Fallang playing the solo. I hope you like it and share it!
  11. Jotun25

    Sia - Cheap Thrills (reggaeton-pop metal cover)

    Hi, friends! Here you have another pop metal cover I´ve just made, even including some reggaeton rythms. Hope you like it, though it sounds a little "dirty" because the acapella track was not clean enough.
  12. Jotun25

    Judas Priest - The Sentinel (vocal and instrumental cover)

    Hi, friends! I´ve just uploaded a new cover in my Youtube channel: Judas Priest´s The Sentinel, featuring Siegfried Song (Symmetric Chaos) at vocals and Alonso Pérez (Rugido) at lead guitar. I played guitar and bass, programmed drums and mixed, mastered and edited the whole audio/video. I...