1. pohlski92

    Rate my first mix in 6 years

    This is my first release in at least 6 years, be very thankful if you guys would give some feedback on it. if you could improve one aspect of the mix what would it be? Guitars are POD HD PRO, Bass is JST Bassforge and drums are GGD Modern & Massive song is also available in better quality on...
  2. pohlski92

    critique my first release in 6 years FFO Alpha wolf, Dealer, Monuments

    guitars were recorded on POD HD PRO, bass is JST BASSFORGE drums are GGD M&M Waves plugins and decapitator used on vocals, i have done a lot of work on vocal production recently. anything here are the links to follow me on music streaming sites SPOTIFY DEEZER...
  3. Lupus1984

    Ignore this thread please....deleted content. SORRY

  4. colbyhemple

    Vocal Help!!!! (Clip Included)

    Hi guys, I'm currently recording/mixing a local band and am having trouble with the vocals. As of now i'm using Shure Sm7b > de-esser > EQ > JST Gain Reduction > Izotope Trash 2 > Reverb. I'm trying to get them to sound bigger, fuller, more powerful, less scratchy. (Howard Jones - KSE, Tim...