linkin park

  1. Qevox

    LP - Easier to Run | OC - Saw // Covers

    Hello, my new covers is out ;) Easier to run: - Added more guitars (louder than original track around 7-8 dB) and bass (3 dB louder) overall - Added violins to make more pleasant background All instruments listed above were recorded by me and my friend Alex. All mixed and mastered by me, I...
  2. Qevox

    Linkin Park - From The Inside | Cover (Studio Quality)

    Enjoy ;) I did guitars, bass, synth, piano and violin here ;)
  3. Me(n)tal Twist Covers

    Tribute to Chester Bennington

    Hey everyone, My next cover is a tribute to Chester Bennington and Linkin Park. I loved their first albums and the choice of a song was not easy, but I chose "Breaking The Habit". Hope you all like it... Rock on! MTC.