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Apr 27, 2020
Hello, my new covers is out ;)

Easier to run:
- Added more guitars (louder than original track around 7-8 dB) and bass (3 dB louder) overall
- Added violins to make more pleasant background

All instruments listed above were recorded by me and my friend Alex.

All mixed and mastered by me, I want all my covers on my channel to be more complex tracks rather than turn down backing tracks to make "general" covers.

- Added more guitars (louder around 11 dB) and bass (5 dB louder) overall

All recorded, mixed and mastered by me. Same as every other cover on my channel.

Bruh, everyone does that and they call it "cover".
dude you cant promote this as your work if your playing over the original track. if you want to do kick ass covers thats great :) but do the work and show how good you are at actually producing a cover rather that just playing over the original track