1. n0tmanthrax

    Dan Spitz guitar solo 1986 Spreading The Disease Tour

    I've always felt like Dan is so underrated. I'm not a guitar player so I don't know how hard it is to play like him, but it sounds great as hell. At 2:10 He started messing around with the audience. From 3:27, Dan, Scott, and Frankie's synchronized headbang was fucking epic.
  2. Y

    HI, made a video recently, you might find it interesting

  3. Grog

    Somehow I recorded too Hot

    Kemper-> SPDIF to Scarlett-> Studio One (a dry signal and wet signal) I have no idea how it happened. I always made sure everything was green (kempers way of telling if somethings is clipping is pretty hard to tell sometimes) Maybe something happened in the Kemper. I recorded a lot of tracks...
  4. dvzk-cece

    Favorite Strange/Alternate Tunings

    I'm a slut for weird guitar tunings and extended range bullshit. Since I've picked up the guitar I always used odd tunings. I am currently about to throw my regular 6 string into hell with a 64 - 12 string gauge set into low Drop E / C#1 B E A C# F# but I have others I really like. maudlin...
  5. P

    FS - Maricopa Thinline Telecaster - $1800

    FS - Maricopa Thinline Telecaster is a one of a kind thinline telecaster hand built by Maricopa Guitars in 2018. The guitar is in excellent condition with NO dents, dings, scratches, or buckle rash. It does show signs of normal light play wear. The body is Sapele with a beautiful Flame...
  6. henryjarv

    Free Swedish Death Metal HM2 Guitar Tone
  7. S

    Gain Stage released six new Virtual Amps (Standalone|VST|AU)

    Gain Stage recently released six Virtual Amps (recreations of very famous high gain tube heads) based on modern Machine Learning / Neural Network approach with in my opinion very realistic tube sound. The Virtual Amps are available as standalone and VST/AU plugins (one installer for Mac and...
  8. J

    Yngwie Malmsteen has no soul?

    I did a compilation of the most soulful instrumental pieces by Malmsten, in my opinion, to answer that question. What do you think?
  9. R

    New Instrumental Metal / Progressive Metal album Anthology by Ronk. Check it out!

    Hello, I'm Ronk and I just released my first full length album Anthology. I play all instruments (except the featured solos I credit others for) and the album has been professionally mixed and mastered. It took around a year to finish and I'm very proud of the end result. Here are some links...
  10. Nivan Sharma

    Eq Metal Guitars

    so I'm completely new and was wondering if anyone had any tips for EQing Metal Guitars and what your approach is. Thanks :)
  11. henryjarv

    Guitar sounds like...Not so great. Hum, resonance, something?

    So...I have no more ideas what to do or try. Or, I have (DI box, Hum Eliminator, pickups...?), but I'm not sure if those help with this problem. Everytime I play guitar, there's waaaay too much bass and low mid frequencies that make me crazy. It can't be right to turn bass knob to 0, and scoop...
  12. Nivan Sharma

    NFL Football Theme Metal Cover. I hope you guys enjoy :)

  13. Nivan Sharma

    my metal guitar arrangment of Dire, Dire Docks from Super Mario 64 I hope you enjoy it

  14. Nivan Sharma

    I made a metal cover of Hidden Village from Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. Let me know what you

  15. Nivan Sharma

    Final Fantasy VII Battle Theme (Metal Cover by Nivan Sharma)

  16. Qevox

    LP - Easier to Run | OC - Saw // Covers

    Hello, my new covers is out ;) Easier to run: - Added more guitars (louder than original track around 7-8 dB) and bass (3 dB louder) overall - Added violins to make more pleasant background All instruments listed above were recorded by me and my friend Alex. All mixed and mastered by me, I...
  17. Qevox

    Linkin Park - From The Inside | Cover (Studio Quality)

    Enjoy ;) I did guitars, bass, synth, piano and violin here ;)
  18. Qevox

    Skillet - The Resistance | Cover (Studio Quality)

    Hello, I did cover of Skillet - The Resistance. I add some violins overall, piano intro and outro. AND A LOT OF GUITARS (2 left, 2 right). What do you think about this mix? Do you have some advice for making it better?
  19. Nivan Sharma

    this is my cover of dying in your arms by Trivium any feedback would be appreciated! enjoy

  20. Nivan Sharma

    Metal Guitar Solo in A# Minor (any feedback would be appreciated)