live music

  1. Raate

    Norwegian band seeking Scandinavian/Eastern European bands

    Hey people, The band I play in, Råte, have been hitting gigs in our home city of Oslo really hard the last months. We are looking to get in contact with other bands in Norway, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe to start making some connections. We would really like to get a tour planned, so advice...
  2. anita_job

    Dark Tranquillity - Live at Summer Breeze 2017 (Johan Reinholdz and Christopher Amott on Guitars)

    Niklas Sundin is apparently taking a break from touring to spend time with his kid. When I first saw this footage I was shocked that I didn't recognize either the guitarists or the bassist.
  3. CaitKvlt

    Kiwi Girl in need of beer and live music!!

    hey guys, not sure if this is the right place to post this but I need to know of some places around the uk where i can drink and listen to metal, and maybe meet some new people. I'll buy whoever suggests a place a drink, ta