Norwegian band seeking Scandinavian/Eastern European bands


New Metal Member
Mar 27, 2019
Hey people,

The band I play in, Råte, have been hitting gigs in our home city of Oslo really hard the last months. We are looking to get in contact with other bands in Norway, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe to start making some connections.

We would really like to get a tour planned, so advice on cool venues, bands worth checking out and contacting, record stores in your city, basically anything. Right now we want to plan on a fall tour somewhere, and I thought Ultimate Metal might be a great starting point to connect with people from across Europe.

If you play in a band, have tour experience, work with venues or booking agencies, let me know. It would be awesome to talk with you.

If you are a metal fan, what are some cities in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe that have awesome small to mid-sized venues? What cities need more live metal?

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Clay - Råte