1. energy vortexes

    Interview with vocalist Mary Von Chh of Rest In Dust

    Interview at: https://femmetal.rocks/2021/03/05/interview-with-mary-von-chh-rest-in-dust/?fbclid=IwAR2PcWwf-qYsyjtPYUnQXgui9EH8wJNbc8RvepUOR8UOqqDCgxK2h63yTMo
  2. DargorMK

    Hello from Poland \m/

    Hello everyone, My name is Michał Kustra and I am from Poland. Proffesionally I am programmer. But I am huge metal fan and amateur musician. I am composing and recording metal music myself. For now, I've released two songs and videos. Check them out \m/ Best Regards, Michał Kustra
  3. Raate

    Norwegian band seeking Scandinavian/Eastern European bands

    Hey people, The band I play in, Råte, have been hitting gigs in our home city of Oslo really hard the last months. We are looking to get in contact with other bands in Norway, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe to start making some connections. We would really like to get a tour planned, so advice...
  4. Left_hand_path_

    CORPSE GARDEN - IAO 269 (November 2017)

    CORPSE GARDEN third album 'IAO 269' is set for release on November 2017 through GODZ OV WAR PRODUCTIONS on CD/MC/LP. Colin Marston is responsible for recording, mixing and mastering. Listen to the new track 'SELENOMANTIC ECSTASIES' on soundcloud now: We play DEATH METAL. Please share, comment...
  5. U

    Nameless Disease 'Victims' - debut LP (deathcore)

    Hi, we are deathcore band Nameless Disease from Poland, Cracow. We recently released our debut LP called 'Victims'. You can listen it below on YT. You can download it from our bandcamp: https://namelessdisease.bandcamp.com/ Feel free to share it if you like it. Don't forget to drop like on your...
  6. P

    New female fronted death metal project from Poland - lyrics video

    Hi What do You think of our song? Its combination of death and groove metal. http://www.facebook.com/protoblast Peace!!
  7. DisforDoom

    THE HEXAGRAM - a one piece black metal band from Ukraine/Poland

    Hi guys, I'm running a black metal band called THE HEXAGRAM. In recent days I've got a new demo, and I'll be very happy if at least one person will find this music enjoyable for the self. FFO: Nightbringer, Cult of Fire, Akhlys, Batushka, etc.