1. E

    What DAW does Dan Swano use?

    I've been a huge Dan Swano fan since the 90's and about to embark into hobbyist music production myself. I'm curious to learn what DAW does Dan Swano use? I remember seeing some of his synth threads from like 07 mentioning he uses Reason but have seen some old videos that look like he uses...
  2. glitchfactor

    New Recording Studio/Music Business Documentary with some amazing engineers and musicians!

    Hey everyone! So if you like documentaries about studios and the music business my film Recording In Progress is finally available to pre-order after many years of hard work, travel, and interviews in some of the best studios like Blackbird, NRG, Sam Phillips, etc. There are some really great...
  3. F

    Is anybody outthere who wishes to help us with mixing and mastering a metal song?

    Hello everyone.We have a band from 2014 our first job was an e.p album, that was released the same year with very good feedback, the gender is melodic death metal,with thrashcore elements and many angry vocals. After the release of the e.p for some years and because the obligations for all the...