1. gaiapr87

    rainwalker lyric plz

    hi i looking for rainwalker liryc song from steel prophet band. unseen album. the lyric dont appear in anywhere. plz help. i dont know much english. lol.
  2. BuzzKirill

    Personal top-5 bands with superb lyrics

    I've started my metal journey with Iron Maiden and they seem to have spoiled me with how varied their songs are in the lyrical department. Their lyrics are ranging widely from history to science fiction to real world drama to whatever else catches Steve Harris' mind's eye. They also know how to...
  3. S

    Interpreting "Auctioned"

    Hello, To me, "Auctioned" is a song from the perspective of a person being subjected to medical experiments by a system pursuing pharmacological progress. Indicative thereunder are the beginning line "Outsmart the fever" and the term "capsules". "If I wake up dead to the world with the helm...
  4. Blacksmith93

    Studio Band Online, who's up?

    Hey there! As the title says, I'd like to start up a studio band, i'm a vocalist and guitarist - but im injured - and would be intrested in some thrashy/groovy kinda think. Or even metalcore. The only thing is that I suck at writing lyrics - FUCK MY LIFE! .... Well, let me know! here my last...
  5. T

    The missing Lyrics

    Ok, so this song Civil war - Back to Iwo Jima has some lyrics at about 2:40 which go "Iwo Jima, I wish that I had stayed" followed by some mumbling. What the mumbling is isn't recorded on any internet lyric site. I need some help figuring out what it is from anyone who has the album Thanks in...
  6. S

    understanding lyrics

    hello, im fairly new to the metalcore/deathcore genre and trying to hear every text right. up to this point Traitors is a band which i like and is (dependant on song) easy or slightly hard to hear correctly. because some songs i have difficulty with, and their lyrics are very hard to find...
  7. SpiralTapir


    How do you write and remember lyrics?
  8. D

    Wishing Well

    In the song ''Wishing Well'' there is a part that goes like this : "From ashes a vision, Angel of Mercy arise With no action it withers up and dies" It sounds ''cool'' and all but what does it actually mean?
  9. P

    Ghost Ship official lyrics

    Originally, I had posted asking for anyone with the CD/LP to post the lyrics (I had purchased from Amazon). I now have the lyrics in hand, so I will post those as time allows. GHOST SHIP (Music and Lyrics: Matt Smith) Messenger of ages Carried on the wings of second birth Unto the silent...
  10. Ancient Man

    Acid Bath Lyrics

    Hey all, Been such a massive fan of Acid Bath due to many reasons, their hard riffs and gloomy, sludgy sound, Dax Riggs near perfect vocals but most of all their lyrical content. Never heard anything quite like them. Specially songs like Scream of the Butterfly and Bleed me an Ocean. So my...
  11. Starbreaker1997

    Post your lyrics here

    Inn I Sjelens Dype Mørke Hvor Livet Svinner Hen Der Tomhet Har Sitt Rike Og Intet Blir Igjen Hvordan Skal Jeg Kunne Leve Min Sjel Så Høyt Forhatt Sorg Er Hva Jeg Føler Alt Så Ensomt Og Forlatt Av Hele Min Kropp Jeg Kjemper Men Ingen Krefter Har Finnes Det Håp I Mørket Vise Vei Til Det Som Var...