Interpreting "Auctioned"


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Jan 13, 2019

To me, "Auctioned" is a song from the perspective of a person being subjected to medical experiments by a system pursuing pharmacological progress.

Indicative thereunder are the beginning line "Outsmart the fever" and the term "capsules".

"If I wake up dead to the world
with the helm at my command"
is the person's ideation of transcending his low station and obtaining the steering wheel / control. The phrasing "dead to the world" reflects the persons possessing the power being numb / rational and cold.
"The reaching out of this" indicates his pursuit to extricate himself from the ordeal.

"In the eleventh hour
beckoned closer
now as nightfall sends its grace
cue to enter"
shows us that the experiments take place at night -> perhaps they are illicit / being conducted concealed from the public.

The part "the insatiable ideal" illustrates the organization's implacable desire for progress.

"Slam it shut
but the portal pounding lingers" means that even if you try to distance yourself from it and attempt to ignore it, the progress-desiring demanding / obtrusive influence of the system keeps fretting you.

"I cannot falter in the security of labor" shows his unwillingness to comply.
"Was I supposed to believe?" expresses his desperation and being stuck at despondency.

The chorus "Where did I sign?..." delineates the ordeal being imposed upon him.

"Went the half mile
wondered when the resolution would come" refers to his desultory attempt to play along, which yielded more quandery, the non-commited "the resolution" (not "my resolution") can be construed as expressing his detachment concerning the experiments.
Since "resolution" can also import "solving of", this line seems to have reference to him wondering when he will overcome the struggle.
"Life became too solid
diluted by the essence of denial"
The struggle is intense, his recalcitrance (essence of denial) prevents him from obeying, "diluted" meaning debilitating the resolve.
"Caught in fire's eye" limns him being within the focus of their endeavours.
"The self and the filter that is I"
may be an expression of him stating to experience only a subjective version of what is transpiring around, maybe moreso, "the filter" means he tries to detach himself from the occurances.

The subsequent part "hid beneath the tongue" describes him forming phrases of revolution, but he defers to the duress and remains silent.

What is your opinion?
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