metal cover

  1. Nivan Sharma

    Game Of Thrones Title Theme Goes Metal

  2. Nivan Sharma

    my metal guitar arrangment of Dire, Dire Docks from Super Mario 64 I hope you enjoy it

  3. Nivan Sharma

    Hey guys I made a metal remix of Gerudo Valley from Legend of Zelda. Let me know what you think! any

  4. J

    Guitar Cover Channel

  5. Me(n)tal Twist Covers

    Robbie Williams - Let Me Entertain You (Metal Cover by Me(n)tal Twist Cover)

    Hi there, I'm Dirk Vanhuylenbroeck and I have my own Youtube Channel: 'Me(n)tal Twist Covers). I love doing metal covers of pop or rock song and give it a mentally metalized twist. Here is my me(n)tal version of the song "Let Me Entertain You" by Robbie Williams. I've been wanting to do this...
  6. Me(n)tal Twist Covers

    Imagine Dragons - Natural (Metal cover by Me(n)tal Twist Covers)

    Help me go viral people!! If you like my cover, share it, like it, subscribe to my channel etc! I will be forever thankfull. And now, crank up the volume and hit the play button. Cheers, Me(n)tal Twist Covers.
  7. Me(n)tal Twist Covers

    Sash! - Mysterious Times (Metal cover by Me(n)tal Twist Covers)

    Hey everyone, Wanna know how dance music sounds through distortion guitars and grunts? Seek no further!! Listen to my me(n)tally twisted version of "Mysterious Times" by Sash!, a 90's dance classic. I hope you like it, if you do so, spread the word, like, share and subscribe to my youtube...
  8. Me(n)tal Twist Covers

    Bruce Springsteen - I'm on Fire (Metal cover by Me(n)tal Twist Covers)

    Hello again everyone, Check out my newest cover on my Me(n)tal Twist Covers channel. Bruce Springsteen is a legend, he doesn't need an introduction. I made my version of the song "I'm on Fire". Check it out here-under and Rock on :):):devil::headbang:!! greets, Dirk.
  9. Me(n)tal Twist Covers

    Blanche - City Lights (metal cover by Me(n)tal Twist Covers)

    Hello Metal People, My newest cover is the song "City Lights" by the artist Blanche. It was the latest Belgian (I'm a Belgium :)) participation of the Eurovision Song Contest. Check it out, and if you like, subscribe, like, share etc to support me. Rock on! MTC
  10. Me(n)tal Twist Covers

    Taylor Swift - Blank Space (metal cover by Me(n)tal Twist Covers)

    Hello everyone Check out my latest cover of another pop song. Hope you like it. If so, please subscribe, like, share etc :)! Regards and Rock on! MTC
  11. Jotun25

    Katy Perry - Part Of Me Metal Cover

    Hi, friends! I´ve just uploaded a new metal cover, Katy Perry´s Part Of Me (her music is very easy to adapt to metal, hehe). I´ve used Axe FX II for guitars and bass and Superior Drummer with Metal Foundry and Metal Machine for it. Hope you like it and any feedback about the mix is welcomed...
  12. Jotun25

    Sia - Cheap Thrills (reggaeton-pop metal cover)

    Hi, friends! Here you have another pop metal cover I´ve just made, even including some reggaeton rythms. Hope you like it, though it sounds a little "dirty" because the acapella track was not clean enough.
  13. TheGuillen

    Metal Cover of Adele "Hello"

    Decided to give it a go, check it out, let me know what you hear in the track! Better audio track is available on Guitar tone made with Amplitube, Soldano amp. DAW: Reaper