metal mix

  1. Nivan Sharma

    Hi! I made this metal remix of Runescape Arabian. Let me know what you guys think! any feedback is w

  2. MrKhacheerio

    ODIN II Demo (Feedback?)

    Hi all, I decided to give Odin guitars a try; I bought it mainly to make writing music easier and faster for me. It's probably already clear to everyone that real guitars sound way better, but could I get some constructive (or destructive) criticism on this short demo I made? Try to ignore...
  3. Misunderstood

    Hello Guys! I'm Noemi!

    Hi guys! I'm Noemi From Italy. I like to play guitar, and make music. I'm new on the mixing world, I'm studying a lot for improve my skills. I hope to find some supports here in this forum. Thank you! See you in the road! If you want know me, this is my facebook Page and Profile. Check the...
  4. AscentToZenith

    How is this metal mix (album quality?)?

    I've been working on a little album recently. I have most of the songs done so I've been mixing random stuff. This is a random riff I wrote for the purpose of mixing. I'm mixing on headphones and the strings are like 4 months old ( I plan on getting new strings to write the final product on the...