metal music

  1. Drum Backing Track

    Drum Backing Track

    Rock`s fan? Here`s an awesome Rock Drum Track to jam with:
  2. Nivan Sharma

    NFL Football Theme Metal Cover. I hope you guys enjoy :)

  3. Nivan Sharma

    my metal guitar arrangment of Dire, Dire Docks from Super Mario 64 I hope you enjoy it

  4. Nivan Sharma

    Hey guys I made a metal remix of Gerudo Valley from Legend of Zelda. Let me know what you think! any

  5. Nivan Sharma

    videos every youtube guitarist makes

  6. Enpsychopedia Brutalica - Kill Your Parents - YouTube

    Enpsychopedia Brutalica - Kill Your Parents - YouTube

    Enpsychopedia Brutalica's video for the single "Kill your parents". The band's video was pulled from MTV after a fan killed their parents. The bands is curre...
  7. Nivan Sharma

    How fast can I downpick? (What is your Maximum speed Guitarists?)

  8. Nivan Sharma

    Megadeth Sweating Bullets Solo Cover

  9. Nivan Sharma

    Instagram Metal Guitarists in 2020

  10. Nivan Sharma

    When you forget a metal riff you've written

  11. Nivan Sharma

    enter sandman but every time the riff loops it speeds up by 1 bpm (watch till the end)

  12. Nivan Sharma

    Wake Me Up When Corona Ends (Green Day Paordy) (Rock/Metal Remix)

  13. Nivan Sharma

    Styles Of Metal Solos Over The Same Riff

  14. Nivan Sharma

    Metal Guitar Solo in B minor (any feedback would be appreciated)

  15. Every Amp Review Ever (Metal) - YouTube

    Every Amp Review Ever (Metal) - YouTube

    I've watched a bunch of amp review videos and I picked out a bunch of things I've learned from watching amp review videos. This is every amp review ever. Be ...
  16. TheRealTrueFake

    The Expression of Violence

    Hi fellow metal heads \m/ I started a series of article on Medium called ''The Expression of Violence''. It is about where music started, how it evolved all the way into metal, especially into the more ''extreme'' genres of it. As a long time metal head, writing on metal in kind of a different...
  17. Nivan Sharma

    reacting to a not so funny try not to laugh challenge TF?! (Honest Reaction)

  18. Nivan Sharma

    metal parenting

  19. Nivan Sharma

    if Metallica played 7 string guitars.

  20. Nivan Sharma

    megadeth riffs played on 7 strings wtf? but these riffs actually sound sick check it out!