1. Somber Skies Band

    Somber Skies Debut Single "Malevolence"

    Hey all! Hope everyone is well! Proud to announce my band Somber Skies has released our debut single, "Malevolence". Would appreciate greatly if you would take the time to give it a listen! Song is also live on Apple Music, and pending on Spotify, Amazon, and Pandora! Socials Instagram...
  2. A

    ARCHETYPE X - Death Metal from Barcelona

  3. Jimjack

    Jimjack - Lex Talionis (LP)

    hello, we're Jimjack; A metallic Hardcore from Indonesia. listen & follow us on Spotify regards |m|
  4. Marcos Pereira

    James Phillips - Instrumental Djent Multitracks ;)

    Multitracks here :
  5. AJoshWithout

    A World Without - Shrine to Sorrow

    Hey guys! I’m from the Portland based band A World Without. We just put out a new song on Friday. Thought I’d post it here and see what you guys think?
  6. AJoshWithout

    A World Without - Shrine to Sorrow (deathcore)

    Hey guys! I’m a bit new here. I do vocals for the band A World Without from Portland. We just put out a new song on Friday. What do you guys think?
  7. Acydia

    Acydia - Decide (New Solo Full Length Metal Album)

    Hey guys! My name is Todd from Ontario, Canada and I've just released my first full-length solo album, Decide! I go by the name Acydia and you can find my music anywhere music is available! I've posted some links below and would love for you to give it a listen! It is a concept album, so...
  8. metaltrenches

    Architects - For Those That Wish To Exist (Video Review)

  9. metaltrenches

    A Scent Like Wolves (Podcast)

  10. B

    New band Befell’s first single, EP out 2/12

    Please enjoy! We worked our asses off on this. Here’s a link that’ll have connections to streaming as well as YouTube and bandcamp. It should hit stores 1/11.
  11. Marcos Pereira

    Not One Of Us - Heart Of Eve Synth Metal (Multitracks)

  12. Nailed Reaper

    Seversun - total metal from Russia

    New music video from a Russian band Seversun. The new album Headlong Through Blood coming soon.
  13. pohlski92

    One man band metalcore mix Kemper, GGD, Parallax

    Just finished up my brand new single. Kemper framus cobra profile for guitars GGD DRUMS snare replaced with ONESHOTZ Joel wasanek Neural DSP Parallax bass Vocals are SSL CHAIN and decapitator recorded on sm7B It’s a solo project by me. Follow if you enjoy
  14. metaltrenches

    Like Within The Ruins & August Burns Red? What About Rivers Of Nihil? Check Out This Track...

    The track Constellation Of Demarcation from symphonic metalcore and deathcore band Luck Won't Save You ft. Jared Klein of Rivers Of Nihil on drums. From the new album Sail Into The Abyss. FFO Within The Ruins, August Burns Red, and Born Of Osiris. Guest guitar solo by Eli Slamang of Blackwater...
  15. Foreteller

    Foreteller - Mortified

    First song off of our album coming out early next year. Let us know what you think!
  16. Jayden_Nucleust

    What Genre is this ?

  17. Jayden_Nucleust

    Is This Metalcore ?

    Constantly Debating this with freinds
  18. JarekMusil

    Building the most brutal metal bass tones

    Hey there! I will release my new plugin with Audified this week! Its hi-gain bass distortion plugin, maybe you will be interested ;) Check out some tones here: Im sorry, its my first ever video where I talk in English, haha :D What do you think?
  19. Sarp

    BIPOLAR ARCHITECTURE (Post Metal / Berlin)

    We are Bipolar Architecture from Berlin / Istanbul. I (Sarp - vocals/guitars), personally live here in Berlin and the head of the band project. The band consist of ex-deathmetallers Heretic Soul (who played in many festivals and gigs all over Europe) members. We released our first digital...
  20. Jayden_Nucleust

    Metalcore To Melt Your Mums Socks

    This song was released Today ! Would Love Some Feed Back On This One :) DIY recorded from tips learnt from this forum back in 2010 Thanks :) Stay Metal Nucleust: Pretend Pessimist