mix feedback

  1. maestro999

    Critique my mix (Original Song)

    Hey there. I just finished my mix and I want to release an album with this sound. Tell me what you think. 320 kbps: https://www.dropbox.com/s/85rh6zm8913eg1q/untitled%20sh%2044.mp3?dl=0
  2. Silkoch

    Tech Death Metal Mix

    Hi guys, I just finished a song I have been working at for a while and thought I would share it here. Any feedback would be appreciated :) Cheers Silvan
  3. Evergreen Records

    My new original metalcore song! Critque my mix or just enjoy the song, whichever lol

    Hey guys!! This is my new original song, "Archetype":) I run a little project studio in Alabama and I've just recently started feeling confident enough in my abilities to post my songs/mixes online. I've only been recording and mixing for about 2 years, but I think I'm doing a decent job lol...
  4. Mahdi_Sacrament

    Mix feedback and song critique

    Here's a mix I've done for my band. Need some feedback. If you have something to say about the songwriting or the arrangement that's also welcomed. Guitars are reamped through an ENGL Savage 120 > Mesa Rectifier 4X12> SM57+MD412 [on the solo the amp head is switched to a Randall V2] Bass is a...
  5. Backe

    Mix feedback wanted (Progressive metal, real drums/amps/pedals etc.)

    Hi! Just did a remix for one of the songs on our bands upcoming album. Was pretty happy with the original mix (which Jens Bogren mastered), but I got some new plugins that I wanted to try out, and also wanted to try do a mix entirely on NS-10s (some headphones were used for the low end)...
  6. Moonless-Project

    MOONLESS-Project on YouTube - Multiinstrumental Death Metal

    Hey there, It's me - the dude behind the Moonless Channel on YouTube. I just recorded my 2nd own Song and I wanted to know what you guys think about it. I'm still very new to recording, mixing and mastering but please let me know how you like my stuff. In case I'll ever be able to growl, I'll...
  7. Moonless-Project

    Scarlett 2i2 on the Roland TD30KV and virtual amp guitar and bass

    Hey guys, I´m quite new to homerecording. Check out my new own song and let me know how you like the mix. I have almost 0 experience in mixing - especially the eDrum mixes make my life very hard. If you have anything constructive, any tips or whatever please leave me a comment or whatever...
  8. Backe

    Mixed my first full-length (Mastered by Jens Bogren)

    Hi guys! Haven't posted much here lately, but I've learned so much by sharing my mixes on this forum, and getting hacked to bits by the community, haha. I've since been working tirelessly at perfecting this weird and wonderful craft of making punchy metal recordings, and now, years later, I...
  9. M

    Mix and arrangement feedback (When We Were Young - Adele cover)

    Hey guys! I've made an instrumental metal cover of pop song When We Were Young by Adele and I would like to hear some feedback on my mix, master and arrangement. Is the low-end right? I don't have a treated room so it is kinda tricky for me to be sure. Let me know what do you guys think.