mixing and mastering

  1. P

    Avid Pro Tools C24 Control Surface ---- $3500

    My Avid C|24 has been in storage for a while and I've decided to offer it up for sale. As of the time it went into storage, it worked flawlessly and it's cosmetic condition was 9.5/10. If I get an interested buyer, I will pull it out and fully test it before a possible sale. It includes the...
  2. Michael Wenz

    Free Mastering For Members

    I am a fan of Exodus, Suicidal, D.R.I. Lamb Of God, Slipknot, Anthrax and many more. I have been a metal head for 30 years. I am also a DJ and Techno Producer and I do Mixing and Mastering for Bands and DJ's and I try to give each track I work on my own flavor and vibe. I know a great deal...
  3. Premonitions Studio

    Hi! Producer, guitar player and all round metal enthusiast here

    Just dipping my toes into the water here, but I'm happy to be here. I am offering my services to anyone who is interested in a mixing/mastering engineer or needs some guitar or bass parts for their music or covers. Hope you all have a great day
  4. Marcos Pereira

    Not One Of Us - Heart Of Eve Synth Metal (Multitracks)

  5. T

    Hello, I am new here, need help with mixing!!

    Hello dear people of UM Forum, i'm new on this forum, after endless searches for improving my mixing, i decided to turn to the best resource possible. humans! so the thing is , i know how to use DAW's and how to record and i do use drums but whenever i record and mix something , i keep...
  6. BlindOwl

    Let's get your sound up to the next level

    Salutations! I'm looking forward to working with independent or new bands, unsigned projects, collaboration/tribute songs, EP or albums, etc. Pro and unbelievable low, friendly rates. Interested? Read on! ***Unsigned projects only*** Pick your poison: ------------------- 1. Mixing and...
  7. Marcos Pereira

    City Lights - See You At The Top (COVER) MIX

    Check out my friends ;):thumbsup:
  8. Marcos Pereira

    Ghostrict - Demos [Metalcore band]

    Mixed and mastered by Marcos Pereira [TURN UP STUDIO] https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012326624829
  9. Marcos Pereira

    Avalerion - Nausicaa Mix 2019

    :headbang: Hi my friends! ✌ Listen my last mix thx

    Thy Art is Murder Reign of Darkness Cover + Multitrack

    DOWNLOAD MULTITRACK HERE http://tight-sound.site/multitracks.html#darkness Enjoy!)
  11. Marcos Pereira

    Editing - Mixing - Mastering / Portfolio Service 2019

    YEAH!!!! FREE SAMPLE OF YOUR SONG CONTACT! Metalcore - Deathcore - Heavy Metal - Power Metal - Black Metal - Death Metal - Punk Rock - Rock - Nu Metal - Thrash Metal - Djent - Hardcore - Punk Pop - Pop Rock - Alternative Metal
  12. Marcos Pereira

    Stand Alone Complex - The Deceiver [TURN UP STUDIO]

  13. Marcos Pereira

    Hygiea - Betha DJENT [TURN UP STUDIO]

  14. Marcos Pereira

    David Valles - Blackout [TURN UP STUDIO]

  15. Marcos Pereira

    Sam Whitaker - Cataclysm MIX

  16. DevelopDevice

    SPITE - Kill Or Be Killed | Full cover | Mixed & Mastered by Develop Device

    Multitracks: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DXn2WwSWKhAgvuQdoj8QOdlcTaPqAzb-&fbclid=IwAR0yVkB7n1Vi3nliuTWugoO8GXQNd4AzA2nNJhFKL4Kw1nSYYVbOlNPCHJU ORIGINAL SONG - Kill or Be Killed by Spite Guitars, Bass Programming - Kye Blomeley Vocals - Rik Emery Extra Vocals - Kye Blomeley Drum...
  17. Marcos Pereira

    Mark Schuster - Propaganda Force Feed MIX 2019

  18. Eternal Tom

    Eternal Studio - Mixing|Mastering|Reamping|Producing|

    Hello, folks! I offer mixing, mastering, re-amping, producing as well as drums, instruments, vocal editing services. Drums programming, arrangements, creating custom tablatures in Guitar Pro format can be done upon request. I work with almost all styles of metal music: heavy, power, thrash...
  19. D

    Death Metal track using 8 string: Trying to get the low end right

    Friends, Hope all is well. This is my first song, that i composed using an eight string guitar (Ibanez M80M). The guitars are played by me, while the drums and bass are programmed. This is the first time, that i have put the bass below the kick...as doing it otherwise, caused it to muddy up...
  20. aheadofmetal

    Nox Aeternum - The Reflection - New Album 2018

    Hi Everyone, Looking for feedback on the new Nox Aeternum album The Reflection. I spent a lot of time on the mix so let me know what you think or have any constructive criticism. Thanks, Andrew C. Hart