1. A

    Darkwoods My Betrothed is back

    The Finnish epic black metallers Darkwoods My Betrothed have returned after a 23-year break. The new album titled ANGEL OF CARNAGE UNLEASHED is out now and damn killer... Check out the interview with the DMB guitarist here ->...
  2. NorseBlood

    Nightwish: HUMAN. :||: NATURE.

    HUMAN. :II: NATURE. will be released on 10th April 2020. The long-awaited record, following 2015’s critically-acclaimed “Endless Forms Most Beautiful”, will be a double album containing 9 tracks on the main CD and one long track, divided into eight chapters on CD 2...
  3. KingsGene

    NIGHTWISH - Decades: Live In Buenos Aires

    NIGHTWISH Announces Decades: Live In Buenos Aires Multi-Format Release "...Enter the stage Decades: Live In Buenos Aires! The divine new live release from Finland’s finest was captured by 19 cameras on that extraordinary night in Argentina. Nightwish came out to the rousing "End Of All Hope"...
  4. S

    Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier and Nightwish´s Bare Grace Misery

    Hello everyone, I decided to do an interpretation-like demo using my Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier playing Nightwish´s song Bare Grace Misery from the album Wishmaster. I double tracked the guitar and put the two tracks just over the backing track, panned hard right and hard left. All the...
  5. KingsGene

    AURI, ft NIGHTWISH members

    AURI FEATURING NIGHTWISH MEMBERS RELEASE "NIGHT 13" MUSIC VIDEO "...Auri begun its life with three people, united through their shared need to hear a kind of a music which can‘t be described by words alone. A magical kind of sound to be heard whilst falling down Alice's rabbit hole. The Finnish...
  6. KingsGene

    NIGHTWISH Decades N.A. Tour 2018

    NIGHTWISH ANNOUNCE DECADES: WORLD TOUR 2018 "...the band are the biggest female-fronted European metal band that will now celebrate their 20-year career with a 2CD compilation (out on Nuclear Blast worldwide in March 2018) and with a nine-month World Tour with a special setlist full of...
  7. I

    Anette Olzon (The Dark Element, ex-Nightwish) interview with

    Hello friends... This is William from the Noise Beneath the Snow blog. I thought you might enjoy the blog and most recently, the interview with Anette Olzon we just did. Thanks!
  8. KingsGene

    NIGHTWISH: Vehicle of the Spirit DVD

    NIGHTWISH STREAMING “SHUDDER BEFORE THE BEAUTIFUL” VIDEO FROM UPCOMING VEHICLE OF SPIRIT DVD "...After touring for a year and a half throughout almost every corner of the world and leaving fans of all nationalities breathless, the time has come for Nightwish to immortalize their Endless Forms...
  9. markus1987

    Varda- Abandoned

    Hi! I play guitar in the band called Varda, and here's our song "Abandoned". Melodic metal from Finland
  10. L

    Help needed! Nightwish Century Child Snare sample

    Hi, I´m mixing a band who said they wanted Nightwish Century Style style snare sound. Drums are already programmed so one hit sample would enough to recreate the sound. If you know any sample near that sound in the deep jungles of internet, please let me know! And thank you for your time! I...
  11. KingsGene

    NIGHTWISH: Vehicle Of Spirit DVD

    NIGHTWISH TO RELEASE VEHICLE OF SPIRIT DVD IN NOVEMBER "...the time has come for Nightwish to immortalize their Endless Forms Most Beautiful tour on DVD. Therefore, the symphonic metal visionaries are set to release their new live milestone Vehicle Of Spirit on November 4th, featuring not only...
  12. KingsGene

    NIGHTWISH fan doc: Fellow Imagineers - A Film From Fans To Nightwish

    NIGHTWISH - FIRST TRAILER FROM BAND ENDORSED FAN DOCUMENTARY POSTED "...Finnish symphonic metallers Nightwish have checked in with the following update: "The Nightwish fan documentary Fellow Imagineers - A Film From Fans To Nightwish has entered the editing phase and everybody is very excited...
  13. O

    Virus of Ideals (new melodic death/power metal with harsh male and clean female vocals)

    Hi guys, just wanted to talk about my new band for a minute. As the title says, Virus of Ideals is a new melodic death/power metal band that features both harsh male and clean female vocals. So far we only have a single, but we have recently filled out our lineup with a permanent drummer and...
  14. A

    New interview with Tuomas from NIGHTWISH

    Hello guys, here is our latest tchat with Tuomas, mastermind from NIGHTWISH What do you think of the butts in the background ?
  15. Pre Christmas CD Haul 3

    Pre Christmas CD Haul 3

    Ok I cheated on this one, also has a Nightwish Bluray and Perturbator cassette.