1. Calippo Tecks

    Active Bridge Pickup Comparison: EMG 57 vs EMG 81 vs Fluence Modern vs Fluence Devin Townsend

    A very long time since I made some YouTube stuff, so I just made this comparison video. I personally think the difference between EMG and Fishman is that the Fishmans are a little bit more mid scooped. I think it all comes down to personal preference and probably depending on your amp/setup...
  2. fretfingers

    extended range - per string outputs?

    Listening to Tosin talk about his done but then hearing how silly the open low 8 sounds clean got me thinking that maybe the right amp for the higher strings isn't the right amp for the lower. What if we had a way to send different strings to different amps?! You'd lose the string interaction...
  3. B

    Inexpensive alternative pickup for LTD James Hetfield Snakebyte

    I am looking to build my dream guitar rather than spend $1200 on it. My dream guitar is the LTD James Hetfield Signature Snakebyte, but I've run into some pricing issues. The pickups on the snakebyte are EMG JH active pickups, which raise my budget higher than I anticipated. I want a good...
  4. HeadlessKvlt

    Pickups for Slam/Brutal Death Metal

    I need a good set of pickups for my custom headless being pushed through a 6505+ over a Marshall MG412 mic'd up by a SM57. I would like to get a tone close to Visceral Disgorge, Ingested or Devourment's album Conceived in Sewage. Any help is appreciated. >Pic Related
  5. Josh Delikan

    Lundgren M6 Pickups Demo!

    Hello! I've just uploaded a video demo of the monstrous Lundgren M6 set. They're loaded into my home-built explorer, Ice, which goes straight into Reaper. All tones are from EZMix 2. Mega riffage awaits!