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  1. S

    Stigandr | Kawaii Busters - :Scopenhagen) (Hardcore/Heavy)

    Two Oregonian DIY behemoths join forces to construct a dystopian visage of your tomorrow. Packed to the brim with slams, jams and existential dread, :SCOPENHAGEN) is the bullet to the brain you need to release you from this hell dimension. Name your price
  2. inspectorrgadget

    Portland 9/27/2019 Illness forces sale

    I have two extra tickets for Amon Amarth this Friday 9/27/2019 in Portland Oregon. Also on-stage will be Arch Enemy, At The Gates, and Grand Magus. This is now a sold-out event ( what a few tickets are available elsewhere go for more than double). The venue is the Roseland Theater...
  3. A

    Female Fronted Symphonic Doom From U.S.A

  4. A

    Where Lovers Rot (Symphonic Doom for fans of Draconian, The Sins of The Beloved, Saturnus)