Portland 9/27/2019 Illness forces sale


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Apr 23, 2019
I have two extra tickets for Amon Amarth this Friday 9/27/2019 in Portland Oregon. Also on-stage will be Arch Enemy, At The Gates, and Grand Magus.

This is now a sold-out event ( what a few tickets are available elsewhere go for more than double). The venue is the Roseland Theater: http://roselandpdx.com/....showtime is 7 pm

My only reason for selling is a an illness which beset my family in the months since I purchased them back in April. I will be going, but I have two (2) extra General Admission for sale.

This is my first posting on this forum since joining moths ago. I am not sure if I can or should post my phone or email here. Interested persons should PM me here for now.
SOLD THEM. It was the best event I've ever attended. The couple who bought my extra tickets said they'd been to over one thousand shows, and it was the best in their lengthy experience. It was a 10 out of 10 for me.

The supporting acts were awesome. I'd rate Grand Magus as a 8 out of 10, At The Gates as 7 out of 10. Arch Enemy was an 8 1/2.


Pro-tip: If you ever go to a show at Portland's Roseland Theatre, the balcony seems the best place to watch youngsters throwing elbows and crowd surfing. The view is great, and there is a full bar there. In fact, you can't toss a hammer in Portland without hitting another bar.

Security Gripe: One Roseland security guard thought my holstered Drinking-Horn constituted a stabbing weapon. Paul Blart was dismayed to learn such Drinking Horns were being sold at the merch table upstairs. I was allowed my drinking horn, but fer-Thor's-sake America's security policies are burdensome and stoopid.

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