1. this-is-a-cool-username

    Over 1400 Free Kemper Profiles! ( many D.I. Profiles, Bass and Acoustic Guitar Profiles, ...)

    Hey! Have fun with my profiles guys I tried to recreate the sound of the following amps: For Guitar: AMPS Victory Kraken (Direct & Studio) Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister 40 Deluxe (Direct Profiles) Soldano SLO 100 (Direct & Studio) Sunn Beta Lead (Direct ) Fender Bassman (Direct ) Fender...
  2. this-is-a-cool-username

    MY KEMPER PROFILES - all Amps of the Axe Fx2, Helix, Vetta 2 and many real Amps (over 800) FREE!!

    Hey! Have fun with my profiles guys And i update them from time to time, so yeah...keep you eyes open On the newer Profiles i try to make variations of the amp with settings at noon or very broadbandsound so that you have a good base for further tweaking and i make many di Profiles now...
  3. J

    Josh Middleton Kemper Profile Pack

    Hey guys, I've just launched a Kemper profile pack. Heavy tones ready to sit in the mix. 53 unique profiles. I tried to cram as much variety in there as possible so no profile shares the same amp/boost settings or cab setup (cab blends, mic blends or mic placement etc) so you can switch out...