1. tarek.shehabi

    Wasaya from Syria (new single feat. Members of Adagio & Wastefall)

    Wasaya is a prog metal project from Syria and has just released a new single called "Burden Of Memories" featuring from Adagio Franck Hermanny on bass and from Wastefall Domenik Papaemanouil on vocal.. Bandcamp: Hope you all enjoy it ❤
  2. tarek.shehabi

    Wasaya from Syria (new single feat. Members of Adagio & Wastefall))

    Wasaya is a prog metal project from Syria and has just released a new single called "Burden Of Memories" Bandcamp: Hope you all like it ❤
  3. Hens92

    Henrik Huber - HYPNOID ARTEFACTS (EP) - experimental/prog/metal - would love to hear your thoughts!

    I am a "bedroom" guitarist from Vienna, Austria, although I kinda hate the term because I think it refers to a certain kind of music, that I don't feel affiliated with anymore. This is my fourth record, the EP "Hypnoid Artefacts", which I released yesterday. It was self-produced and is my most...
  4. dwnwlkr

    Dawnwalker - Ages LP (Post / Prog Metal)

    Hi UMers, We're from London, England and play a mix of modern metal with folk and prog influences. Our new LP Ages is out now, and is mostly comprised of longform suites of post-metal that shift and turn through different moods - from ballads to riffage to black metal. We never...
  5. Jonas777

    "SEVEN" Instrumental

  6. Nammtharicon

    Deviant Syndrome new EP (melo-prog-tech-death)

    Hey there! Mixed and mastered by me, guitars were reamped through Mesa Boogie Dual Rec Rev.G with Mesa Boogie 2x12 cab and sm57 mics. Drums are all natural with some kick/snare/toms samples :D
  7. A Prog

    Lord Divine - Facing Chaos (2019) Power Prog Metal

    Power-prog metal band from Argentina. On february 2019, Lord Divine embarked on this new project, the 4th studio album “Facing Chaos”, containing 11 tracks of impeccable technical quality and a modern sound. Vocals were recorded by Diego Valdez (Dream Child, Iron Mask, Electro_Nomicon). As...
  8. terran236

    [Debut Album] Iridescent Noise - Far Away, Yet Still Here

    Hey guys! Check out my new Prog Metal/Rock Album if you can. I'd Greatly Appreciate it! The goal in mind for this album is to make you feel like you're going on an adventure. Its all about escapism. Inspired by many bands. Spotify:
  9. Deaton LeMay Project (D.L.P.)

    Deaton LeMay Project (D.L.P.) -(or)-
  10. metaltrenches

    Wilderun - Veil Of Imagination (Video Review)

  11. Kurnik

    Material Time - Progressive Metal Band

    Progressive Metal Band from Russia, Kovrov
  12. CiG

    Into the Everflow: The Progressive Metal Thread

    After looking around it didn't seem like there was an active progressive metal thread and the most recent one was from 2009. You guys know the deal with these genre threads. TBH I mostly wanted to just post this somewhere relevant to the genre:
  13. JojoLaVerdure

    Thödol (French Progressive Metal Band | Camel&Ghost Mix)

    Greetings! We are a new progressive metal band and we've just released our debut album. We are an attempt at blending the sound of 70's prog rock bands such as Camel with more modern acts like Ghost and Opeth. Let us know if we made it or failed . We crave for feedback! Thanks
  14. A

    Quantum Refrigerator - Live in Studio [HQ SOUND AND FOOTAGE]

    Hello, I play in Quantum Refrigerator. We're in the middle of a series of HQ live in studio videos. Here's the first one: Enjoy
  15. C

    Expatriated releases full length debut

    Hi! My band Expatriated has just released its full length debut “The Last Trace of the Imprudent”. It’s a progressive band of a sort. It’s a mix between technical, groovy and atmospheric passages with both harsh and clean vocals. Give it a spin: Listen to the full album on your favorite...
  16. R

    Giveaways, memes, and metal

    Hey! I started a youtube channel for metal/ making things in different subgenres of metal. I'm doing gear giveaways at 500 subs (almost 300 now), and 1000 subs! Latest video was a yodeling kid remix (of course). Checkout the channel below, thanks fam <3...
  17. jakeschemin

    Nekoma Complex "11:57" Guitar Playthrough mixed by Jason Suecof

    What's up everyone? Started a new band recently and got our first tracks mixed by Jason Suecof (Carnifex, Trivium, August Burns Red). We are Nekoma Complex, and here is our debut single "11:57" would love to hear your feedback and constructive criticisms \m/ Guitar tabs and jam tracks...
  18. Leper

    Cosmic Toads - The Way of the Frog : Instrumental Progressive Metal from Dubai / India

    We just put out our first single, subscribe for more cosmic amphibian content! Find us on Bandcamp Facebook Instagram
  19. 6 Degrees

    Matt Guillory Debuts "Wake Up Call" Tonight, John Macaluso, Alex Skolnick Podcasts Up

    Join me tonight for an in depth interview with Matt Guillory (Dali's Dilemma, Zero Hour, James Labrie). 9pm EST Podcasts from past shows can be found here;
  20. Jearnest13

    FYRE metal from Altoona, Pennsylvania

    Recently released album from FYRE - 3 Ghosts brings back the sound of what metal started out as with a hint of the newer direction of metal. Blistering vocals lead this album, with melodies that will have you banging your head for weeks to come. Check us out...