progressive black metal

  1. - Venla -

    Wailing mechanical nightmare black metal

    Trying to create a sound like the workings of a long abandoned mechanical megalith still churning away on a dead planet, or the wailings of an artificial intelligence left trapped in its tunnels.
  2. - Venla -

    Experimental, eclectic black/death metal project

    With influences ranging from bands like Marillion and King Crimson to Converge and Portal, my hope with this album was to create a unique and haunting vision of what black/death metal can be, and to inspire others in their own music while still maintaining recognisable qualities from black and...
  3. Cartesian

    Cartesian - (Concept album) Progressive metal / Blackened metal from Stockholm, Sweden

    Hi guys, We are a newly started band with ex members from various metal and hardcoreacts in Sweden who just released a concept album about when the black plague hit Sweden. You can listen to our debut album on Spotify, Apple music, iTunes and Bandcamp. Or stream it here: Links to other...
  4. K

    if you like metal you may wanna check us out.

    First off not spam. Love metal. Grew up a Road Runner Records guy. As well as metal blade epic and geffen and ear blade. Anyway what we do is provide an outlet for new bands as well as play classics from all genres of metal music. So if you don't mind please like our facebook page and...
  5. M

    One man band

    I'm very interested in one man bands, specially black metal ones. I have one called Hangt, and I wonder if you guys have one or know a friend that have. So let's share our work here, we may find somethings very interesting. I'll post two musics here and my facebook page for you guys, if you...