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Mar 16, 2016
I'm very interested in one man bands, specially black metal ones. I have one called Hangt, and I wonder if you guys have one or know a friend that have. So let's share our work here, we may find somethings very interesting.
I'll post two musics here and my facebook page for you guys, if you get interested make the same and i'll listen to them!
Hey stuff. I'm essentially a one man band, although I started as a two piece, and still use the other guys lyrics. But write all the music, record all instruments, and produce everything, so that should constitute a one man band right haha? Got an album coming out next month, but here's my first single. It's melodic not quite black metal.

Anyways, your tracks are real good. Nice production, especially for black metal! And good idea with the post. So much good music out there for free....just gotta look.
One of the best one-man bands to me is Bathory. I suppose it's contentious as to whether it was ever truly a one-man band.

I also have my own one-man project, no recordings that I am willing to share though, but I'll keep this in mind whenever I feel it's right to share.

Also I really love a Canadian one-man band Sweet Torment.