progressive death metal

  1. D

    Domesticated Minds New Album explores a wide dynamic range from ethereal ambience to brutal technical death metal

    Hey Metal lovers and psychonaughts exploring ethereal realms, 🎸🌑 Looking to explore the depths of mind, but worried about civilization collapse? 🔥🌍🔥 Enter " A Molochian Nightmare" which reaches into the otherwordly ambience at the edge of awareness and get punched in the face with brutal...
  2. dan of bereavement

    New Shroud of Bereavement song and video

    Hey all, been some time since ive been here or posted. Life happened and I put everything on hold when I had a kid, got married started a company. Anyhow, First new song in over a decade, album is done, just pressing cds. New video premieres tomorrow on Youtube, I released the song on Bandcamp...
  3. N

    Hyperboreus - Progressive Death Metal, Ukraine

    Hyperboreus is a Ukraine-based progressive death metal band. Debut album “Fighting with God” is released August 29, 2021. Detailed review - Available on the following platforms
  4. metaltrenches

    Enslaved and Meshuggah collide with RANNOCH

    It's Meshuggah meets Enslaved on this incredible progressive death metal track from Rannoch.
  5. metaltrenches

    Meshuggah Tier List/Discog Review (Video)

  6. Christopher Beattie

    Extreme Progressive Metal

    Hey guys! I recently started a Technical / Progressive Project called Dreamer FFO: Dream Theater, Obscura, Fallujah, Rivers of Nihil, BTBAM, Beyond Creation etc...
  7. metaltrenches

    Krosis - "Psychoticlysm" Music Video (Reaction)

  8. G

    Galactic Mechanics - Esoteric Star (Melodic Death Metal)

    My band just released anoter EP, "Esoteric Star". Some of our influences include Wintersun, Direwolf, Skyfire, etc. It's available for Free download at our Bandcamp:
  9. metaltrenches

    Wilderun - Veil Of Imagination (Video Review)

  10. MorkastMetal

    Morkast to release first full length album "Deadlands"

    Morkast is based out of Toledo, OH and features ex members of Forever Lost and Buried but Breathing. Their first, full-length album "Deadlands" will be available via digital download in early 2019 and limited runs of vinyl presses will follow. Check out their first two singles below "Marrow...
  11. Ubiquity

    Ubiquity - Death metal progressive

    Hello there, we are Ubiquity, a death Metal Progressive band coming from Belgium. We would like to introduce you to Towards Oblivion, our first EP with a dark universe, switching between heavy riffs and clean sequences. If you like Katatonia, Opeth or Steven Wilson vibes, you will definitely...
  12. M

    Sentient ignition - prog/melo death band

    Our new "progressive/melodic death metal" band posted our single video release from our upcoming album... Album will be out May 1st via bandcamp
  13. M

    New band Sentient ignition

    Our new "progressive/melodic death metal" band posted our single video release from our upcoming album... Album will be out May 1st via bandcamp
  14. H

    Instrumental Tech Death

    Hello! I just finished a release for the band Ophidius. Engineered/Mixed/Mastered FFO: Beyond Creation, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and Rivers of Nihil Can give details if requested.
  15. HANIAK

    COLOSSO - "Obnoxious" [releases 9-9-2016]

    "Obnoxious" is the fourth release, and the second full length album, by the death metal band Colosso. The album shows a more experimental, dissonant and heavy side of Colosso, leaving behind the more groovy side shown on the two previous EPs. Recorded at Stone Sound Studio (Portugal), mixed by...
  16. ThatDrummerGuy

    Audio Interview: Dan Swano

    Alright Everybody, here is my interview with the LEGENDARY Dan Swanö - Authorized Fanpage! this just happened almost 2 hours ago on skype. In the interview, we examine the brand new Witherscape album The Northern Sanctuary (ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!!) which will be available July 22nd, through Century...
  17. Matthew Headland

    Iridea - Progressive Metal

    Hi guys, if you have time, check out this Prog Metal track that we have come up with. Centaurus Thanks
  18. Olphor

    Progressive deathmetal (NEW EP)

    Hello, We are a unknown progressive deathmetal band from germany. last week we had the release for our first EP "velvet lash". hear on youtube, so plz listen on it and tell us your opinion :). after i made this post i recognize that its not the best move to do it in the review-section^^...
  19. ThatDrummerGuy

    Album Review: Witherscape- The Northern Sanctuary To anyone that knows me, it's not secret that Dan Swano is one of my biggest musical heroes of all time along the likes of Devin Townsend, Arjen Lucassen, Daniel Gildenlow and many others. From...
  20. M

    New Annihilist Music Video

    Annihilist from Melbourne, Australia's new music video for 'Embers' off their EP 'Vol. 1'. "Official Music Video for 'Embers' from Annihilist's Debut EP, 'Vol. 1' 2015. Directed by Miki Simankevicius, Cinematography by Cameron Zayec. Full EP: Buy...