1. GarrettTGK

    Why do people enjoy Black and Death Metal? (Curious)

    Recently I've gotten into Metal, mostly Sleep, and Electric Wizard (stoner or stoner-doom or something), and of course while looking at all of the different sub-genres, I found Black Metal and Death Metal. I know they are different but they're pretty similar so I'm grouping them for now. My...
  2. NuclearFetus01

    Death Metal Vocal Recording and Training

    I am currently working on writing and recording a death metal album on my own right now. But the only problem is that I simply cannot record the vocals how I want them, the volume isn't right and I can't get them louder without damaging my vocal chords. As far as equipment goes, I have only my...
  3. R

    A usage question

    Greetings fellow vikings! I got a question to the community or someone in charge. Is there anyway that I can use a riff from one of Amon Amarths songs to a intro to my YouTube channel? Or is it strictly copyrighted? Love the music and whould love to implement the awesomeness to a intro \m/
  4. CiG


    Just a bit of random fun. :D Tall, short or average: Fat, thin or average: Describe yourself politically (eg party, ideology etc): Balanced diet, vegan, vegetarian or meat obsessed: Preferred gaming machine: DVD, bluray or digital: Favourite 5 video games: Favourite author: Favourite book/book...