1. Sinan Andreas Akinci

    KARA BAHT (melodic death metal) new track

    Hey guys We are called KARA BAHT (meaning bad luck in turkish). Check out our new demo. Last but not least please consider to say something about the track. cheers!
  2. m_fauchelevent

    Screams or Clean Vox First?

    Say you have a song with screams in the verses and cleans in the chorus, which one do you guys usually record first and why?
  3. benjifinnegan

    Screaming Questions

    Okay, I've been screaming for 2 years, my technique has always been wobbly and I've been trying to find the best way to scream without straining. I've always had an achey voice or few times a hoarse voice but it goes within 1-3 days, I've never gone over the top or lost my voice which confuses...
  4. S

    Dischord Canadian death/thrash new EP

    Hey there - we are Dischord, a Canadian death/thrash band that's been around since 2004. We just released a new EP called Epitaph. Musically, "Epitaph" endeavors to recapture the intense aggression of "Siege of Darkness" while continuing to progress and evolve beyond the band's previous works...