1. tarek.shehabi

    Wasaya from Syria (new single feat. Members of Adagio & Wastefall))

    Wasaya is a prog metal project from Syria and has just released a new single called "Burden Of Memories" Bandcamp: Hope you all like it ❤
  2. GodHunter

    - God Hunter - AUS - Blackened Groove Metal

    We are a 5 piece from South East QLD, Australia finally getting back into gigging and releasing music after a long hiatus, currently we have the one single out entitled "God Hunters" which you can listen to here - - We are also just 1 week away from releasing our...
  3. Ravenblast

    Ravenblast is here

    Haec epocha! Novum Fatum! Nova Prophetia! When the black void absorbs the sun, our destiny REFORGED into...The Prophesied False Savior! After long hiatus the Symphonic Black Metal band from Surabaya,Indonesia is back with new single. Nokturnhor, Agnium Rad, and RVX-I7 re-united once again...
  4. Sophii

    Terasophe - Slow Burn

    New Terasophe single tune. Something a bit different and more streamlined than my experimental fuckery that was Terra Vitae/Terra Mori. Along the lines of Alternative Metal with Doom/Sludge Metal and Psychedelic Rock phrasings.
  5. The Wound;Dead

    The Wound;Dead new single (Thrash, Hardcore, Groove)

    Check out the new single ‘Self Sabotage’ by The Wound;Dead From the upcoming EP - ‘Meta;Morphosis' Support extreme music. Please like & share. Cheers
  6. J

    Scret Cycle - Living Inside A Storm

    Alternative Metal Band from Panama. Full Debut Album at Spotify
  7. Flourishing Illusions

    Flourishing Illusions "All Seer" Review Participants!

    Happy head banging day to everyone in the metal community. I would like to ask a favor of anyone willing to participate. Flourishing Illusions, out of Omaha, NE, has released the single All Seer, off our upcoming album, Idle Wandering. If I may ask of you all willing to listen to some new...
  8. M

    Awakening Hyperia NEW Music Video 'Breathe' on Vevo

    Hey all, just thought i'd pop my bands new music video 'Breathe' on the forum to showcase it to a wider audience for some exposure and feedback! I'll post the link below for you to view on YouTube but you can also get our single on iTunes and Spotify! You can also follow us on our social media...
  9. D

    The Fraud (New Metalcore band)

    What's up guys! I'm here to share with you the first track of my one man band project with the collaboration of talented musicians of my country. It has everything a metalcore fan would want in a song. Check it out and if you like it, like the video, the facebook page and download the track...