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Happy head banging day to everyone in the metal community.

I would like to ask a favor of anyone willing to participate. Flourishing Illusions, out of Omaha, NE, has released the single All Seer, off our upcoming album, Idle Wandering.

If I may ask of you all willing to listen to some new music, to check out our single and tell me what you think. Warts and all, without being an ass. I believe it is important to hear opinions of complete strangers, as well as those familiar with the genre of music. Comments on the song itself, as well as the recording/mixing are welcome.

Flourishing Illusions - All Seer: https://flourishingillusions.bandcamp.com/

Your contributing review will be most appreciated. Thank you ahead of time. Much Love! \m/

*side note: If anyone has any good venue suggestions in surrounding city/states of Nebraska, FI is looking to do a mini-tour later in the year, and suggestions for venues excepting of metal would be awesome!


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