1. KingsGene

    Knotfest Iowa 2021

    SLIPKNOT ANNOUNCE KNOTFEST IOWA 2021 WITH FAITH NO MORE, MEGADETH, LAMB OF GOD, AND MORE (VIDEO TRAILER); BAND RETURNS TO THE STUDIO "...The full lineup features Faith No More, Megadeth, Lamb Of God, $uicide Boy$, Gojira, Trivium, Tech N9ne, FEVER 333, Knocked Loose, Turnstile, Gatecreeper And...
  2. R

    Filthy Slipknot sound on a combo amp

    Why a combo amp... Cause I don't got the room for a stack and don't want to buy a half stack. anyways just want a good heavy tone like in nomadic or aov on a combo amp at around 400$... Can be used and will be gigging and play in a band ad before you say save up your money I got a cap on what I...
  3. ILoveCheesecake

    Slipknot/Marilyn Manson

    I saw them at the Bell Centre in Montreal on July 20th and words can barely describe the experience. I've never seen a frontman get the crowd pumped like Corey Taylor did. My favorite song of theirs to hear live was definitely (Sic).
  4. AugmentedReality

    Slipknot's Duality cover by ARP

    First release! Hope you all like it :) Official (original) single in two weeks! Cheers Yoav
  5. tydesmattproductions

    SNUFF - ATLAS FALLS // Slipknot Cover // (live session @ LCoM)

    Afternoon all. Basically, around this time last year, me and the chaps in my band Atlas Falls put together a little live session with a friend of ours for a project as part of his degree. We did two of our originals from our debut EP (which you can find on the youtube channel) and were asked...