SNUFF - ATLAS FALLS // Slipknot Cover // (live session @ LCoM)

Apr 16, 2012
Afternoon all.

Basically, around this time last year, me and the chaps in my band Atlas Falls put together a little live session with a friend of ours for a project as part of his degree.

We did two of our originals from our debut EP (which you can find on the youtube channel) and were asked to choose a band to cover that have influenced us all. The only real conclusion we could come to was Slipknot. So instead of doing a standard reworking of an already heavy 'Knot tune, we picked a ballad and put our own epic, post-rock, slightly progressive twist on it.

Tracked at Leeds College of Music, UK.
Feel free to ask any questions about gear used or the recording process, and i'd love any feedback that you have for us!

I haven't been on here in a while, so if this is posted in the wrong bit of the forum then i'm super sorry