1. Y

    Describe each metal subgenre using only metaphors or analogies

    It can be a noun, adjective, story, or whatever they feel like to you. Make sure each description has a similar characteristic so that it's easier to compare. I will solely use colors to describe them: Heavy: yellow Thrash: orange Death: red Power: blue Black: black Prog: cyan Doom: gray...
  2. R

    Giveaways, memes, and metal

    Hey! I started a youtube channel for metal/ making things in different subgenres of metal. I'm doing gear giveaways at 500 subs (almost 300 now), and 1000 subs! Latest video was a yodeling kid remix (of course). Checkout the channel below, thanks fam <3...
  3. EverG

    Difference between Blackened Death Metal and War Metal/Bestial Black Metal?

    I'm to understand that they're technically 2 different sub genres. But my confusion is that both of them seem to stylistically draw from both Black and Death metal. So what specifically distinguishes the two? And if you can, recommend me your favorite bands from both sub genres .