swamp metal

  1. Cronopio

    Kalmah to release new, self-titled album in May 2023

    Yes! They're back! Finland's premiere swamp metallers will return with a brand new studio album on May 26th, 2023. The effort - simply titled Kalmah - contains the following songs: 01. Haunted by Guilt 02. Veil of Sin 03. Scarred by Sadness 04. No Words Sad Enough 05. Serve the Untrue 06...
  2. M

    Government Pest, NZ, Disengage Album

    Government Pest from Palmerston North, New Zealand. We released our 2nd album "Disengage" on December the 1st. Heavy Grooves. Available from or Find us on Facebook at facebook.com/governmentpest Cheers
  3. M

    Government Pest from New Zealand

    Government Pest is a heavy groovy band from Palmerston North, New Zealand. We've just released our 1st song from our 2nd recording. It is called 'The Voices' and is from our upcoming album 'Disengage' We released the following video from our first recording back in 2017 New tracks coming...