Kalmah to release new, self-titled album in May 2023


Glorious Imperator
Oct 16, 2003
Stockholm, Sweden
Yes! They're back! Finland's premiere swamp metallers will return with a brand new studio album on May 26th, 2023. The effort - simply titled Kalmah - contains the following songs:


01. Haunted by Guilt
02. Veil of Sin
03. Scarred by Sadness
04. No Words Sad Enough
05. Serve the Untrue
06. Home Sweet Hell
07. Tons of Chaos
08. Red and Black
09. Taken Before Given
10. Drifting in a Dream

This one sounds great, pre-ordered the LP with the Kalmah bear t-shirt from record shop x. I wasn't into seventh swamphony or palo at all. I noticed this one is mastered by the same guy they worked with from Swamplord through The Black Waltz. That's very cool.