technical death metal

  1. N

    Hyperboreus - Progressive Death Metal, Ukraine

    Hyperboreus is a Ukraine-based progressive death metal band. Debut album “Fighting with God” is released August 29, 2021. Detailed review - Available on the following platforms
  2. Christopher Beattie

    Extreme Progressive Metal

    Hey guys! I recently started a Technical / Progressive Project called Dreamer FFO: Dream Theater, Obscura, Fallujah, Rivers of Nihil, BTBAM, Beyond Creation etc...
  3. metaltrenches

    Beneath The Massacre - Fearmonger (Video Review)

  4. Lostbrethren

    Sci-fi inspired Metal

    Hello, we are Lost Brethren from the UK. Please check out our first single and let us know what you think!
  5. Lostbrethren

    Sci-fi inspired Metal

    Competition to win the album on Facebook
  6. G

    Galactic Mechanics - Lost Sector (Technical Death Metal)

    My band just released a EP, "Lost Sector". Some of our influences include Origin, Nile, Obscura, The Faceless, Necrophagist, Oblivion, Morbid Angel, etc. It's available for Free download at our Bandcamp:
  7. M

    Humanity's last hope official music video

    Massive Slavery is a politically, socially and environmentally engaged Modern Death Metal band from Rouyn-Noranda (northern Quebec, Canada). They have re released their first album Global Enslavement, available worldwide. Here's their music video for Humanity's last Hope:
  8. M

    The return of Massive Slavery from Canada

    Hi! I'm Jonathan "The ProF" ProF, frontman/manager of canadian melodic death metal band Massive Slavery. After an 8 year hiatus, we're back! We've been fighting with our former label (Maple Metal Records) and we were finally able to regain our rights on...
  9. G

    Galactic Mechanics - Portals of the Abandoned (Death Metal)

    My band just released a new song, "Portals of the Abandoned". Some of our influences include Origin, Nile, Obscura, The Faceless, Necrophagist, Oblivion, Morbid Angel, etc. It's available for Free download at our Bandcamp: Also check it out on Youtube:
  10. D

    Death Metal track using 8 string: Trying to get the low end right

    Friends, Hope all is well. This is my first song, that i composed using an eight string guitar (Ibanez M80M). The guitars are played by me, while the drums and bass are programmed. This is the first time, that i have put the bass below the doing it otherwise, caused it to muddy up...
  11. Infected-Lou

    Infected Dead (UK Modern Death Metal)

    Check out the full EP:
  12. Infected-Lou

    Hello from Infected Dead

    Hey guys I'm Lou, i do 90% of the talking and 100% of the internet things for my band Infected Dead. We've had a mad year playing Bloodstock and signing to Hostile Media and we've just released our debut EP 'Archaic Malevolence'. We play modern death metal/technical death metal which the...
  13. G

    Subnuba - Invocatus (Technical Death Metal/ Symphonic Black Metal)

    My band just released our 3rd single, Invocatus. Some of our influences include Beyond Creation, Skyfire, Irreversible Mechanism, The Faceless, Fleshgod Apocalypse. It's available for Free download at our bandcamp:
  14. Filthy Empire - The Oppressor - Guitar Playthrough

    Filthy Empire - The Oppressor - Guitar Playthrough Ricardo Campanharo - Vocals Filipe Bragio - Guitars - Bass Luan Albani - Drums, Keyboards, Programing and Producer. Produced by Luan Albani from Devil's Lab Drums recorded by Luan Albani Mixed and Mastered by Luan Albani Artwork by Luan Albani
  15. Bass_Villain

    Xoth (members of Lecherous Nocturne/Warbringer/Bonded By Blood) Enjoy.
  16. H

    Instrumental Tech Death

    Hello! I just finished a release for the band Ophidius. Engineered/Mixed/Mastered FFO: Beyond Creation, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and Rivers of Nihil Can give details if requested.
  17. Lupus1984

    The Faceless - Prison Born - Mix Test

    Hey people. Here is a mix I did. It's a cover from the band THE FACELESS it's called Prison Born from their album Planetary Duality. All guitars were performed & recorded by Danny Greenwood Mix and mastering were done @ Xenotype Studio by Jan Trtschka. Dropbox...
  18. darknesslegions


    MΔLEVOLENT BLΔCK/DEΔTH METΔL influenced by behemoth , keep of kalessin , limbonic art , zyklon .... If you want check it , you can find DIMENSION TERROR
  19. M

    Annihilist - Vol. 1 Review via NO CLEAN SINGING

    (Original article: (Andy Synn reviews the debut EP of Australia’s Annihilist.) Never underestimate the value of good album art. After all, first impressions DO count. For every cheesy cgi monstrosity, for every uninspired and...
  20. M

    New Annihilist Music Video

    Annihilist from Melbourne, Australia's new music video for 'Embers' off their EP 'Vol. 1'. "Official Music Video for 'Embers' from Annihilist's Debut EP, 'Vol. 1' 2015. Directed by Miki Simankevicius, Cinematography by Cameron Zayec. Full EP: Buy...