1. Calippo Tecks

    Fulltone OCD high gain test (video)

    Made a video to test the Fulltone OCD and see if I can use the pedal for high gain purposes instead of crunch/overdrive. I think the result is not bad, but it lacks when it comes to how it feels. Actually reminds me of the times I had marshall amps (which I personally don't like for high gain)...
  2. Nammtharicon

    Heads & Cabs Metal Comparison: Engl 2x12 vs Mesa Boogie 2x12

    Hi there! Check out my latest test of 5 heads and 2 cabs including Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, Engl Powerball 2, Peavey 5150, Krank Krankenstein, Marshall 8100 through Mesa Boogie Rectifier 2x12 and Engl 2x12. Engl cab is loaded with Chinese Celestion Vintage 30 and Mesa Boogie cab with British...
  3. johnny ForTiorI

    Overloud TH3

    so i switched to TH3 now for my guitar tones and i´m so amazed by it i had to make a review. i´m kind of surprised that no one really talks about this thing. everything about it is pure gold imo.