Apr 7, 2016
so i switched to TH3 now for my guitar tones and i´m so amazed by it i had to make a review. i´m kind of surprised that no one really talks about this thing. everything about it is pure gold imo.

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I've had it since it came out but continued to use Thermionic because of the overwhelming interface.

Then maybe a week ago, I started flipping through presets on tracks and damn...

Your vid sounds beautiful, and re-affirms my decision to use it exclusively - and learn it.
Nice review!! I still rocking the old TH2! Lynch Box ultra with the Friedman impulses from 3sigma! I really don't feel the need to upgrade!!!
Do you happen to know if the audio demos on the page correspond to ''as is'' presets, or is there 3rd party processing involved?

Some of those sound like could be interesting/potential starting points..
Been playing with the full demo for a couple of days and I gotta say I'm really impressed. Contrary to what I've been reading from a lot of people, I believe the cab sims are really good and among the cleanest ones I have yet come across.
I used to use TH2 all the time. I got a Kemper since, but if I was in the market I'd look at this hard. I loved TH2.