1. Y

    HI, made a video recently, you might find it interesting

  2. DarkwaveGR

    Darkwave/Postpunk Video Project (rookie)

    Hello to the metalheads (and not only) arround the world. Woah, the last time I used a forum was long time ago, give me a second to appreciate the moment. (...) Okay, I'm ready! My name is Christos and I come from Greece, I really don't know what else to say to introduce myself other than that...
  3. metaltrenches

    April Picks Part 1 (Video)

  4. metaltrenches

    Greg Puciato (ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan)- Fire For Water (Video Reaction)

  5. metaltrenches

    Metal Trenches Recommendation Roundup 9/20/19 (Video)

  6. J

    New video interview with Johan Hegg from Amon Amarth about the live DVD

    Hey Metalheads ! Could you share my new video interview with Johan Hegg from Amon Amarth It's about the new dvd Have you watched it yet ??? What do you think about the documentary ...
  7. metashredeca

    Liliac - Chain of Thorns (Music Video)

    Hello everyone, I have a family rock band and we just released our new music video to our original song Chain of Thorns. I want to know what y'all think?
  8. N

    Redemption: New Video / Song released today 7/10

    The third song from our upcoming album has just been released. Check it out! The press release: The video:
  9. Guitar_Freak1


    Hello metalheads! \m/ So I'm looking for a metal singer to write lyrics and sing for my latest song. Also it would be better if the singer can take a video of himself singing the song as I'm going to upload it on youtube together with my guitar playing. Here's the song, there's still some work...
  10. A

    HAZE - I AM THE WAY (Official Music Video)

    Hi, We are looking forward to the feedbacks, reviews, comments and opinions. HAZE band presents the debut work - clip on the key track of the eponymous album I AM THE WAY!! The inspirer of the whole work is the great David Lynch, creator of the cult TV series of 90's Twin Peaks! Follow us...
  11. Zaur

    Hello People!

    Hi guys. :) Just registered in the site. My fav. bands are: Lamb Of God, Avatar, FFDP, In Flames, SOAD I also enjoy Rise Against although they are not metal. What are your fav. bands? I play guitar and started making YouTube videos not long time ago. Also I am trying to sing but I am terrible...
  12. Imprint haunting

    NEW MUSIC VIDEO "Ides of Winter" - Six Digit Grave

    Ides of Winter hailing from Canada release video of "Six Digit Grave" from the second album "Minus Twenty*".
  13. Dragomilov

    ANASTASIO FARINI, great Hard Rock from Greece

    DEFOX RECORDS and HEART OF STEEL RECORDS are proud to announce the new single of ANASTASIO FARINI, great guitar virtuoso from Greece! The song titled "Unchain My Broken Heart" (feat. Hercules Zotos) is now available on every digital worldwide webstores. Anastasio Farini was born in Thessaloniki...
  14. G

    Reincidente Nocturno, new promo video from Velocidad 22

    Promo video from Heavy Metal band from Argentina Velocidad 22
  15. S

    Watch this metal video on donald trump\tyranny and tell me what you think

    What is going to happen? is donald trump going to be the US president? When does a joke stops being a joke? When is the time to believe that the worse can happen? And why does all this happen? See this video my friend made. If you like extreme metal, history and politics you'll be interested.
  16. Whale

    [VIDEO] A Metal song for : Leon, The Professional (movie, 1994)

    Hi there, New video for the series "A Metal song for ..." on my Youtube channel, where i write metal music for non-metal stuff. This time, i wrote a metal song for the famous movie "Leon, The professional" (1994). I hope you'll like it :-) ! Thanks for watching ! If you liked it, please...
  17. Whale

    [VIDEO] A Metal song for : Felix Baumgartner's free fall (RedBull Stratos)

    Hi there ! I have just started a serie of videos on my YouTube channel called "A Metal song for ...". I began with the famous free fall of Felix Bamgartner in 2012, when he jumped from the sky's roof (Redbull Stratos). I hope you'll like it : don't hesitate to share & comment :). Feedback...
  18. fertajada10

    Napalm Storm releases new video clip

    The Spanish thrash metal band Napalm Storm release their first video clip for the song Harmless Cruelty which titles their first LP.
  19. TheGuillen

    Metal Cover of Adele "Hello"

    Decided to give it a go, check it out, let me know what you hear in the track! Better audio track is available on Guitar tone made with Amplitube, Soldano amp. DAW: Reaper