New Metal Member
Sep 15, 2020
Hello to the metalheads (and not only) arround the world.

Woah, the last time I used a forum was long time ago, give me a second to appreciate the moment.
Okay, I'm ready! My name is Christos and I come from Greece, I really don't know what else to say to introduce myself other than that I listen to Darkwave/Postpunk/Synth/PostPunk exept from Metal ofcourse.

I was searching the internet for a family so we can discuss our favorite genres, artists, events (covid cough cough) etc.

Also, I recently started to create some amateur video clips from my favourite songs of the Darkwave genre, and I would like some comments and suggestions from you guys.

Yes, I don't really have many irl friends that would discuss this with me so...here I am.

The link of my first (and only, for now) video is this .

I dont know if it's okay by the rules to "advertise" (if I can put it this way) my channel or my work, but I assume that that's fine. If not, let me know!

I wait for your comments guys!
Rock on! \m/