1. ВольдеМарс - Не со мной

    ВольдеМарс - Не со мной

    "Не со мной" (автор песни - Владимир Гвоздев).
  2. DarkwaveGR

    Darkwave/Postpunk Video Project (rookie)

    Hello to the metalheads (and not only) arround the world. Woah, the last time I used a forum was long time ago, give me a second to appreciate the moment. (...) Okay, I'm ready! My name is Christos and I come from Greece, I really don't know what else to say to introduce myself other than that...
  3. Deathcore_mind

    I need help,i am new at covering songs at youtube

    Can you please watch,like,subscribe and share,to help me a bit Thank you in advance :D
  4. Nivan Sharma

    videos every youtube guitarist makes

  5. VoltronLions

    Iron Maiden Honored by Argentina Government

  6. VoltronLions

    7 Reasons Why You NEED to Listen to Metal

  7. VoltronLions

    Iron Maiden Brighter Than a Thousand Suns (2015 Remaster)

    This is a great song, really sublime, I like it a lot, written by Bruce, Steve and Adrian. I feel it could have easily been on Chemical Wedding, Bruce's outstanding solo album from 90s.
  8. G

    My First Two EPs!

    My name is Gunner and I am a one-man metal band who puts their music on youtube. My first two EPs have been offically released! Spotify: Apple Music: YouTube...
  9. S

    Simon Media - Youtube channel

    Hi, I am Simon, I am listening as well playing metal on guitar for many years. I am guitarist of Supreme Lord and Morbus Mortifer. I have just created youtube channel called Simon Media, You can find there - Death Leprosy Cover As well as my Original Grindcore Song - Pig Party Check the...
  10. R

    Giveaways, memes, and metal

    Hey! I started a youtube channel for metal/ making things in different subgenres of metal. I'm doing gear giveaways at 500 subs (almost 300 now), and 1000 subs! Latest video was a yodeling kid remix (of course). Checkout the channel below, thanks fam <3...
  11. J

    Professional Metalcore/Deathcore YouTube Channels For Live Shows

    I am looking for YouTube Channels that record full live metalcore/deathcore shows professionally. I need recommendations for YouTube Channels that record PROFESSIONALLY! By that, I don't want recordings from inside the crowd on their cell phones, nor from the back recording the stage. I want...
  12. Alex Langill

    HROM - Featured on NWOTHM!

    - We from Hrom were stoked to find out the YouTube Channel: " NWOTHM New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal" showcased our 2015 release "Legends of Powerheart: Part I." YOUTUBE LINK - If you're interested in the discography Bandcamp Link - Or just more YouTube links 2009 Full Length "Blesk" 2012...
  13. C

    Please check out my guitar covers on youtube! Please check out my videos, like, subscribe and share. I currently have 20 subscribers and when I reach 50 I will post a Killswitch Engage cover.
  14. C

    Please check out my guitar covers on youtube! Please watch the videos, like, subscribe and share. I currently have 20 subscribers and when I reach 50 I will post a Killswitch Engage cover.
  15. metashredeca

    Liliac Band

    Check out this awesome young family heavy metal band! They're band is called Liliac and here is a video of them performing Enter Sandman by Metallica I heard that they are currently working on they're first original album and they also perform at the Santa Monica pier every weekend. The...
  16. CiG


  17. Guitar_Freak1

    Habits - Instrumental Metal Song (Youtube Cover)

    Hello guys! Check out my cover of my latest instrumental metal song called Habits here! Thank you!
  18. Guitar_Freak1


    Hello metalheads! \m/ So I'm looking for a metal singer to write lyrics and sing for my latest song. Also it would be better if the singer can take a video of himself singing the song as I'm going to upload it on youtube together with my guitar playing. Here's the song, there's still some work...
  19. North Canadian Musician

    Hi! I Make Original Music on YouTube/Metal

    Hello everyone! I am new here, but I am not new to making music. I have been playing the guitar since I was 7, and I really need to get some subscriber's so that's why I am here. I just wanted to let you all know I make music on a regular basis, and thank you for taking the time to look at my...
  20. B

    My name is MikiMaiden

    Hey there, My name is Blaz and I come from Slovenia/Europe. I am a drummer and I was growing up with Iron Maiden band. I was at 25 gigs of them and I know practically everything about them. I work in the opera and besides of that I am teaching young drummers in the local music school...mostly...