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Simon Media

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Jul 22, 2018

I am Simon, I am listening as well playing metal on guitar for many years.
I am guitarist of Supreme Lord and Morbus Mortifer.
I have just created youtube channel called Simon Media,

You can find there - Death Leprosy Cover

As well as my Original Grindcore Song - Pig Party

Check the videos and if you like them subscribe for more content coming soon!

Stay Metal!!!
Happy to hear that!

Check my new cover of the mighty

Deicide - Once Upon The Cross!!!

If you like it, please like & subscribe my youtube channel!!!

More to come soon!

Stay Metal!!!
New song song on my Youtube channel!

It is time to go underground! Just don't get Blinded by Fear!

At The Gates cover!!!

It is time for more 8 String Madness!!!
Check 8 Metallica riffs played on 8 String Guitar now!!!