Metal music for non-metal stuff on YouTube


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Feb 20, 2016
Hi there,

My name is Whale, i'm from France.
I am working on a YouTube Channel with the following concept : "Metal music for non-metal stuff".
I write metal songs for movies, historical events, and things like this.

Here are my last videos :

A Metal song for : Leon, The Professional (Viewer discretion is advised)

A Metal song for : Felix Baumgartner's free fall (RedBull Stratos)

Shostakovich's Waltz N°2 - Classical goes Metal !

I hope you'll like it !
If so, please share / comment / subscribe : it helps very much and encourages me to keep working hard on my videos.
Ideas & feedback are appreciated :)

Thanks for reading this post, and see you soon with a new video !

Note :
I posted previous videos on this forum in separate thread. In an attempt to be less annoying in the future, i decided to open an unique thread for my work that i will keep updated.
I haven't figured out how to delete the previous ones though.