1. estigma2001

    Narkan - Infestacion

    Hey this is our new cd called Infestacion: And our last video:
  2. R

    Grindcore - CORPSE EATER "The stench of mutilated corpses" (Album)

    One man grindcore project started in 2014. After a good bunch of EPs and splits the first full length album has been finally released on Bandcamp. Proper CD version coming later this year.
  3. metaltrenches

    NAPALM DEATH - Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism (Video Review)

  4. extranjero


    hi! i was wondering which is the real difference between Noisecore and Shitcore, if there's any. Shitcore is Noisecore intentionally bad recorded? or that is deliberately awful? Shitcore and Shitnoise are the same thing? thanks!
  5. A

    "PANDEMIC DESTINY" by Vulture Locust - Live Grindcore + Extreme Metal 2020 LP Free Download

    12 Live Tracks Grindcore / Extreme Metal Vulture Locust from Portland Oregon "Pandemic Destiny (Live In Portland) MP3 ZIP WAV ZIP Google/Fbook search for more info + albums
  6. A

    Vulture Locust - "Command Presence" (WAV ZIP Full Album) Extreme Metal + Grindcore BEST Quality

    Extreme Metal & Grindcore from Portland Oregon VULTURE LOCUST Best WAV Version Debut Studio Album Command Presence" 2015 15 Tracks Vicious & Savage Grind Best Quality Anywhere Online Link 1 - http://www[.]mediafire[.]com/file/imzqnfrcoamhyuy/ Link 2 -...
  7. metaltrenches

    The Sound That Ends Creation (Audio Podcast)

    Also on iTunes and Castbox
  8. metaltrenches


  9. metaltrenches

    Estuarine Interview & Track Premiere (Podcast)

  10. metaltrenches

    The Sound That Ends Creation - Civil Serpents (Track Premiere)

  11. CiG

    Song Survivor: Bolt Thrower - Realm of Chaos (final round)

    "Eternal War" and "Realm of Chaos" both eliminated. Here's some links in case you need a refresher:
  12. T

    REFUSAL - EPITOME OF VOID (death/grind)

    The Finnish death/grind band REFUSAL's second full lenght album 'Epitome of Void' will be released on 11th of January 2019 by Great Dane Records. The album will be released in CD and digital formats. There will be also a very limited C-cassette edition. The previous album 'We Rot Within' was...
  13. S

    Simon Media - Youtube channel

    Hi, I am Simon, I am listening as well playing metal on guitar for many years. I am guitarist of Supreme Lord and Morbus Mortifer. I have just created youtube channel called Simon Media, You can find there - Death Leprosy Cover As well as my Original Grindcore Song - Pig Party Check the...
  14. U

    Horrorgrind - Tribute To Horror

    Tribute To Horror is the debut album of Horrorgrind (a Horror fiction themed Deathgrind band). The band uses samples from Horror movies like A Nightmare On Elm Street and Halloween, shows like American Horror Story and even games like Doom and Duke Nukem 3D.
  15. V

    VioxxPopuli [Grindcore]

    Hi guys ! We are a french grindcore band. Our songs are avalable on Bandcamp. Follow us on Facebook. GRUIK !
  16. P

    Ticket stub stories

    Thought i'd stick a message up in case anyone is interested in a series of short(ish) youtube videos i've started doing called "Ticket stub stories". Basically over the last 15 years or so I've collected a bunch of ticket stubs which i've pinned to the walls from various gigs I've been to. I...
  17. RavenGaze94

    Mathcore/Grind drums. How?

    How can I get my drums to sound like in this song? (Preferably using samples) I love the sound of grindy drums like this. Thanks in advance.
  18. DisinterestedHandjob


    I'm not sure if I did one of these when I first signed up, so just in case... Hello. I like grindcore mostly. Insect Warfare, Mumakil, The Kill, Yacopsae, Nasum, Shitgrinder, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Wojczech. Stuff like that. Don't mind a bit of death metal too, especially bands like Portal...
  19. DevilBringerGrind

    Cover art and 3 new songs on 2016 ep "It Came Back With Burned Flesh"

    Support Grindcore and Death Metal Download:
  20. GroundUp

    CELL DEATH- New Richmond VA Grindcore

    New band from Richmond Virginia. Hardcore Punk Metal Freaks. Recorded at GroundUp studio Richmond VA