1. DevilBringerGrind

    Cover art and 3 new songs on 2016 ep "It Came Back With Burned Flesh"

    Support Grindcore and Death Metal Download:
  2. GroundUp

    CELL DEATH- New Richmond VA Grindcore

    New band from Richmond Virginia. Hardcore Punk Metal Freaks. Recorded at GroundUp studio Richmond VA
  3. C

    SONIC POISON Harsh Demonstration... Out On Tape

    Sonic Poison’s Harsh Demonstration... is seven tracks of blown-out primitive grindcore dispatched with the reckless abandon indicative of a young band eager for blood. Approximately ten minutes of Finnish-style seizure-inducing, organ-grinding mayhem in which gnarly feedback prevents anything...
  4. Jimboduggin

    Recalcitrant-Grindcore From Los Angeles CA

    Recalcitrant is a Grindcore band from Los Angeles CA. This is their 2nd release, and t's a split with Mince Core Masters HAGGUS. They have another split 7" With Fresno's 2-piece grind tornado FIEND on Agromosh Records Due Later this year (2016), and another split 7" with Germany's Long time...
  5. V

    New Whateverthefuck core band

    Fuck you