Mathcore/Grind drums. How?


New Metal Member
Apr 25, 2017
How can I get my drums to sound like in this song? (Preferably using samples)

I love the sound of grindy drums like this.
Thanks in advance.
You might be able to get close to this if you'd use metal foundry SDX. SQ 2 kick with scopped mids and boost at 8k. Pitchshifted haake custom 13" or Pearl sensitone(last one) snare, if you you will choose haake, make sure you scoop the ring. When it comes to bell, Metalhead EZX has few but they are horrible, VIta Imana kit from The Metal Factory( 2 bells, and kontakt required), or joey's drum packs, most have more than 1 bell but require kontakt.