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Jul 12, 2001
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Those of you who don't know my new avatar :) , is Zidane from the video game Final Fantasy IX. In consideration of this I was wondering who here likes to play video games, in particular Rpg's (Role Playing Games) such as Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire, etc... I love RPG's they really get your brain working, I love to just be able to spend 50 hours on one video game, it becomes quite a personal thing... I know it sounds dorky to some, or I may be a loser cause I "spend all my time playing video games" but thats not the case, its just a fun way to escape! Well who hear likes to play video games? What are your favorite genres? And what are your favorite games? It seems that in most cases smarter people ( <cough> Opethians :D ) that play video games enjoy RPG's...
I used to TOTALLY be into video games up until 4 years ago. That's all I used to do all day!! Sat on my ass and gained levels for my stupid characters... was it worth it? I still wonder.

Thank goodness my love for music swallowed everything else.

Squaresoft's RPGs were da shit, man. Nothing will ever beat Final Fantasy III and Chrono Trigger. I really liked '7th Saga' by Enix also - one of my favorite RPGs ever and I think I might be the only one who still even remembers it. The music and atmosphere from that game affected me totally...
Age of Empires 2 is the greatest game of all time, Baldurs Gate comes in at close second. I can't even believe how many hours I played AOE2 on the net. It is so time comsuming, one game lasts atleast 1 hour sometimes more than 3.
Hey Winterfrost you should check out some RPG's!!! Start with something like Final Fantasy IX, good game to start with for RPG's.
Age of Empires is a fun game as well though.
To Raven777, Square and Enix are the best! I still love playing video games though, Music definately has taken up some of that time though, I used to play them a lot more but have done more things with music. Also Raven 777 how old are you? We seem to have quite a number of things in common...
Quite to the apparent opposite of most hard-core RPG video gamers, I absolutely loved Final Fantasy VIII, moreso than even VII and the highly coveted VI (III in N. America) - part of me is still secretly in love with Rinoa Heartilly... heh.

However, since finishing FF8, I've played almost no video games, and those that I have have been more of a social nature.

My votes for the all-time best video game (seperate thread? Nah, not for now...) would probably come from the old computer gaming days of my youth (the ones I played back on my 486), in the early-mid 90's with games like Star Control II, The Secret of Monkey Island, Dune II, and the original Master of Orion. Dune II really invented the real-time strategy genre, and Starcon2 was just so utterly epic in all of it's proportions. In fact, I'd peg Star Control II as the best (non-Squaresoft RPG) video game ever.
Hey Terrymx welcome to the board!

About Terranigma, I have it for an emulator (considering it wasn't released in America) but havn't played it much. When I did play it the first thing that came to mind was Illusion of Gaia, and Soul blade, they are in the same series right?? Well I know they are made by the same people. I want to play it, I have heard it is an amazing game! I just have too many other games to that that is a bad thing. ;)
Oh hell yes. The Final Fantasy series are some of the best of all fucking time, period. Final Fantasy II (American version), on the SNES, was my personal favorite... with Cecil, Kain, Rydia, Rose, Ryu (I think?), etc... Just something about it appealed to me greatly. Summoning Bahamut during the final battle was great. Cure4 on everyone, having Cecil attack with the Crystal Sword and Ryu with the Masamune and the Murasane simultanously... talk about memories, haha. I also enjoy Madden football and NBA Live basketball with friends. It's always a blast talking shit to each other. I can't forget the Zelda series either. So, what can I say... I enjoy the hell out of some video games!

i like the all game you mention. terranigma is a hard game to beat, hard as lufia. without walkthrough i couldn't have beat it, i think i just suck though. it's not something you wanna play over and over, but it's one of the best game i ever play because of the story. sad ending.
actaully i haven't find any good rpg releasing these day.

i'm not really new here either. i just hate going to any metal forum becuz i hate american metal fan opinion and humor and smart people. after this, there's going to be 20 people starting debating about the words i use.
Yes! I totally love RPG:s, especially when Square is behind them. My favorite RPG:s has to be FFVI, FFVII, FFIX, Suikoden 1 & 2, Chrono Trigger, FF Tactics, Xenogears, Zelda 1-3 and Grandia. Best of them all is FFVI or VII. At the moment I´m playing FFVI again (it was like 3 years since I last played it) and it´s still so amazing. Too bad almost no RPG:s get a release here in Sweden, so games like FFVI, Chrono Trigger and Xenogears have never been released here. Thank god there is something called Multi-X (the best invention ever? =)).
Hey everyone who hasn't played it try and get a hold of Valkyrie Profile. It is a great very innovative game based completely on Norse Mythology, the main characters name is Valkyrie. It's really a fun gam, and cool to see the mythology going that far. It has some of the most beautiful graphics I have seen, the music is the best in any video game in my opinion, and it is just fun as hell to play. One of my favorite games, get a hold of it if you can! :)
i can't stand counter-strike anymore...
Day of Defeat is so much more fun ;)
my favorite game of all time is Quake (the first one). it is pure genius, and the physics are so perfect for deathmatching.
as for console gaming, i dont play them much anymore
however, FF3, Secret of Mana, and Herzog Zwei are my favorite console games.
Pinball games.

Yeah, I like the old fashioned arcade games, where you hit that steel ball with 2+ flippers.

The bonus machines are the ones with either the center pole that pops up to save those dreaded "down the middle" losers, or the side rebounds that project your ball back into play.

Oh, and I also like the top bumpers, when the ball first comes into play, and it bounces 10+ times quickly on those small bumpers before entering the flipper zone, making the clanging sound as the score racks up, albiet with small reward.

And, of course, the "extra ball" light (the light purple one), or that red "special" which awards you that beloved free game.

But the ultimate is earning the free game by points. That my friends, is the best pinball satisfaction you can get.
Hey Hoser, Star Control 2 fucking rules. Thats one of my all time favorites(possibly #1) and nobody ever knows what the hell it is when I mention it. The story has more depth than any of ever seen before, and the game is just wide open. There is so much to explore and peolpe to talk to and you can go anywhere you want, your in total control. None of these new games with there fancy graphics have as much depth as Star Con 2. And the cool part is that whole game was made buy two nerdy computer programers that were just like regular guys.